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Questions on Road Bike Brands(10 posts)

Questions on Road Bike BrandsTxNewbie
Aug 3, 2001 5:51 AM
I am new to the sport of cycling and have started to shop for a road bike. I was very surprised as to how expensive road bikes are. My question is does anyone have any experience with Iron Horse or Tommaso road bikes? Would these be good bikes to get started on, then upgrade to a more expensive bike.
Iron HorseRusty McNasty
Aug 3, 2001 6:07 AM
From what I've seen of this brand, you can do better buying used, or building one yourself. They really are junky bikes. Plan on spending a minimum of $900-1000 for anything decent new. You MAY find a good used road bike for about $400-500. By judicious use of good used and new components, I was able to build a really nice road bike for about $750 this spring. That includes D/A derailleurs, record hubs, 105 crankset and brakeset, SRAM chain, Ultegra headset, Trek frame, Brooks saddle, Ambrosio rims, Cinelli bars and stem.
don't get those ebay thingsJack S
Aug 3, 2001 6:10 AM
Iron Horse is especially crappy, Tommasso got slagged below
re: Questions on Road Bike Brandsjtolleson
Aug 3, 2001 6:24 AM
I wouldn't be as hard core as Rusty in deterring you from buying an entry level bike in your budget, but it wouldn't be Iron Horse or Tommasso. Look at the KHS Flite 300, or spend another $100 and get the Trek 1000.

Also, when sale time comes in the fall (well, maybe it is just here in Denver that sales are in the fall) you'll see the Cannondale R300, Bianchi Brava, Fuji Finest, and other bikes possibly drop to within your budget.

I think that buying used is hard for a first time buyer unless an experienced cyclist is willing to play consultant.
re: Questions on Road Bike BrandsVictorChan
Aug 3, 2001 6:39 AM
Yeah, there should be some end of season sales. I picked up my Raleigh R600 year 2001 for $850 from my LBS. I saw the same bike being sold in another store for $1070.
re: Road Bike BrandsLeroy L
Aug 3, 2001 7:20 AM
In my opinion, if one is new to the sport, one will not want to buy used [you don't know the equipment yet] - and one won't want to "build up" a bike [you don't know what you're doing yet]. There's plenty of time to learn while you're riding. Look at Univega Modo framed bikes [$700-1300 appx], Fugi, Raleigh, Lemond, Bianchi, established brands at a bike shop that looks like they know what they're doing. Test ride the thing so you know it fits.
If the Tx means you're from Texas and you're down in the hill country or the Davis Mts. or the like get something that will help you on hills - either a wide range rear cassette of a triple. you're always going to have a lot of wind - that's just like hills.
Then ride - a lot. Don't get all bogged down with all the equipment preferences you read about here - just get something you like at a good shop and ride.
re: Road Bike BrandsTxNewbie
Aug 3, 2001 8:07 AM
Thanks alot, Im from the DFW area, I appreciate all the help from everyone
re: Road Bike Brandsdavidl
Aug 3, 2001 9:20 AM
I'm in Ellis County - formerly from Dallas. Check out Colonel's Cycle in Fort Worth. Jack Johnston's in Dallas. I've had good experiences with them. Good Luck

Dave Loving
re: Questions on Road Bike BrandsBart S.
Aug 3, 2001 10:01 AM
The Bianchi Brava and Jamis Ventura are two good entry level bikes. Both are under $800, with decent componants.
re: Questions on Road Bike Brandsby666
Aug 3, 2001 11:18 AM
i dont agree with any of these people. i have an iron horse victory and think its a good bike at a great price. there is nothing wrong at all with their 853 frame. i had to change a few of the parts but for preformance and cost they are much better than the cannondales and a much much better deal than the overpriced treks(bikes with shimano 105 for $1500 or more is a bad joke).