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Busted spokes Mavic CXP21(9 posts)

Busted spokes Mavic CXP21Aquaholic
Aug 3, 2001 3:04 AM
Anyone face the same problem..........Is it the wheel or just me?
re: Busted spokes Mavic CXP21GDR
Aug 3, 2001 5:16 AM
I had the same problem. My wheel came on a 2001 Cannondale R600. A spoke broke right at the hub during a ride. My LBS said they are sending the wheel back to Cannondale for a new one. When I asked if Cannondale was having problems with the wheels they would not admit or deny that there was a problem. They just said that sometimes companies have problems with an entire run of wheel sets. Let me know what happens with your LBS.
click search, type cxp21 and you'll find a buncha problems NMHaiku d'état
Aug 3, 2001 5:18 AM
It's the wheel...Mabero
Aug 3, 2001 5:22 AM
I have a set of Mavic CXP21s on my Bianchi Brava and had a lot of truing but only a few spoke issues, but you must remember these wheels are more of a low end type of wheel. It's not the worst wheel and will get you by as it did with me but there is a big difference in the CXP21 to the CXP23.

You have a fine bike and just keep riding those wheels till you can upgrade. Also as long as the bike shop will fix and is returning the wheel you might have better luck
re: Busted spokes Mavic CXP21badabill
Aug 3, 2001 6:18 AM
Its not the rim its the builder. CXP21 are alow end mavic rim usually built up by machine with group set hubs. If the wheel is tensioned correctly you should have no problems. As a training wheel they are strong and reliable when built correctly.
re: Busted spokes Mavic CXP21dave Woof
Aug 3, 2001 6:54 AM
I had broken spokes (several over several months) on Ultegra/CXP21 rims. Always broke on non-drive side on rear hub,
turns out they were built with 15 gauge instead of 14 gauge - ultegra hubs are drilled for 14 gauge. After I replaced them no more broken spokes.

my 0.02$

Dave Woof
No problemHorace Greeley
Aug 3, 2001 8:19 AM
Several thousand miles without any problems. Except for the maiden voyage ride (long story), never had a need to true. Never had a spoke issue. I'm not gentle on my wheels, but I'm not exactly 200+ pounds either.
re: Busted spokes Mavic CXP21Car Magnet
Aug 3, 2001 2:32 PM
Same thing here. Front wasn't a problem, rear was a nightmare. 3-4 busted spokes, I finally got fed up and bought another wheelset.
all in the buildfuzzybunnies
Aug 3, 2001 7:31 PM
I had the rear wheel collapse on my set after removing the tire, didn't realize that the rim strip and pressure in the tube was holding it together. Rebuilt using dt 14 guage and haven't had another problem. These are probably the most assembled rim set out there so I would on average expect a lot of problems. TTFN