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"Peaking" for a Mountain TT(9 posts)

"Peaking" for a Mountain TTBigDaddySmooth
Aug 2, 2001 12:35 PM
Here is my situation: On 25 Aug 01, the Snowbird Hillclimb race is scheduled in Utah. It is 10.3 miles long and gains 3500 ft. This is no BS, I did it last year and it is a b-buster. I've prepared for it on my computrainer by making a more difficult course to compensate for being indoors. I can hold over 340 watts for an hour and I've logged over 5k miles this year including LSD, intervals, etc. My question is when should I taper and what should I do during my taper? I follow a 3 weeks "on" 1 week "off" routine but usually feel rather like a slug at the end of my easy week. I will be out-of-town 13-17 Aug and will only be able to use a dreaded Lifecycle. My butt can only tolerate 30 minutes and ideal positioning is impossible. So, if I use that as my "off" week, what do I need to do from 18-24 Aug as part of my taper? Thanks.
re: "Peaking" for a Mountain TTdrugsarebad
Aug 2, 2001 1:14 PM
yeah, how about laying off the LSD?
Tapering and peakingBipedZed
Aug 2, 2001 1:30 PM
Read this:

Adam Myerson is a respected racer and coach. I basically did something similar to this for my big "A" race this summer. You need to reduce overall mileage while still doing a few days of short duration intensity to keep your system "primed".
If you can produce 340 watts for an hourJ.S.
Aug 2, 2001 2:06 PM
You probably don't need advice from this board. I'm not sure if your computrainer is reading correct but that kind of power output is usually reserved for top pros, which you may well be but again, do you need our advice.
If you can produce 340 watts for an hour - wowDog
Aug 2, 2001 2:43 PM
I can do 340 watts for about 10 minutes, and that's a killer. You're right - anyone in that sort of shape probably doesn't need advice from us.

Nonetheless, my advice on resting up, since I'm beginning to learn from my mistakes, is to cut back your distance the week before, but still do a bit of intensity. Do some easy rides, but dammit keep them easy. This is one of the most difficult things to do, because if you are tapering right, you'll feel good and want to go harder. Don't do it. Use a hrm or something to keep the effort down. Keep your mouth closed, so you can't go hard enough to have to breathe through your mouth. Anything.

Good luck. Riding easy is one of the hardest things for a competitive cyclist to do.

C'mon, 340W is nothing--pro's go 400+, easyBigDaddySmooth
Aug 2, 2001 2:58 PM
Some other stats and info--I suck as a racer. I'm 40 y.o, weigh 145# and I've always been active. 340+ watts gives me a 5.25watts/kg while pro's are 7watts/kg. Thus, I'm about 75% of a pro but I know I could never equate this with a TT or finishing a 100 mile race with the pro's. That is ridiculous, I'm far from a cat 2 let alone a pro. My guess is I can test ok but choke in a race. I actually did 355watts for the second half of my computrainer ride and my HR never exceeded 158. So far the suggestions seem like what I thought I'd get. Thanks.
Well, you'd kick my buttDog
Aug 2, 2001 3:04 PM
I haven't really measured, but I think I'd be around 250 for an hour. Your power to weight is really good. Comparing to pro's isn't very meaningful - they are full time, young, and selected among the best in the world. Compared to the average USCF racer or serious recreational rider, that's extraordinary power. Go get'em.

Aug 3, 2001 5:32 AM
Hmmmm..... I've seen a articles in the Euro mags that talked about sustained powers in the low to mid 300 watt range for the big boys. Do you have any references or links for info otherwise?

Lance, etc.Dog
Aug 3, 2001 5:43 AM
I've seen numbers showing Lance and Ullrich up around 500 watts for an hour; Lance just weighs less, so he wins.

Pantani, I seem to recall, had one of the highest power to weight ratios recorded. Around the high 400's, but he weighed around 130 pounds (the power figures were likely "enhanced" at the time).

Remember, though, that this is the creme de la creme. Not sure what the "average" pro makes, but I'd bet substantially less.