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Sircam virus warning- cycling related!!!(6 posts)

Sircam virus warning- cycling related!!!peloton
Aug 2, 2001 9:38 AM
Yesterday I recieved an e-mail with an attachment that contained the sircam virus. The title of the e-mail was 2001 results, and had cycling in the name of the sender. The e-mail states that it has sent you results of the 2001 season in an attachment, and wants your feedback. I didn't open it, but almost did because I thought at first that it might be from the local racing results. I got paranoid when I didn't know the sender and deleted it instead. I just read on that people there have also recieved a cycling related message with a sircam virus attachment. If you get an e-mail like this asking for your feedback, don't open it!

I just thought everyone should know that this virus is going around pretending to be about cycling. The virus might be going around this forum by e-mail, so watch out!
Aug 2, 2001 9:51 AM
I have also heard that people have recieved this virus from USCF site e-mail lists, Calfee, and from users of cycling forums who opened the virus where it then forwarded it people in their bookmarks.
My girlfriend was felled by that virus.Brian C.
Aug 2, 2001 10:08 AM
It really screwed up her computer hard drive, and has set her back by a week.
If I were to ever find the bastard who did this ... I'd throw a cream pie in his face.
It's moving around all the cycling sites,go here for fix...keith m.
Aug 2, 2001 10:24 AM, look for w32.sircam.worm@mm removal tool. download and follow the directions CAREFULLY.
Thanks for your help, I'll run it past herBrian C.
Aug 2, 2001 10:55 AM
She's downloaded the McAfee (sp?) virus detector and is trying to work with that. She's not a cyclist and believes she must have got the bug from one of her academic friends.
Got me tooterry b
Aug 2, 2001 2:08 PM
received an email on my work PC from an internet Colnago vendor that apparently had me in their address book. I knew about it so I was safe but my wife did open a file from a business associate on our home system and it was a pain to fix. Amazingly, it was actually a file that she was expecting to get (epic coincidence.) You should know, if you run your virus scan program it will identify an infected file called "sircam32.exe" and try to delete it. If you allow that to happen, you will no longer be able to run any .exe application on your computer, including the virus scan or more importantly regedit which is required to remove the worm settings from your registry. You must clean up the registry before you take any other actions. It took me about 4 hours including time on the phone with MS to undo the changes to my system. Ironically, the virus itself does not do any serious damage, it's your clean up that will kill you.