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Wheel types and applications, your thoughts appreciated.(1 post)

Wheel types and applications, your thoughts appreciated.Lardog
Aug 2, 2001 9:31 AM
Well, I used to wonder why more road riders didn't use a three or four spoke wheel, why so many use them in tris and crits, what the advantages of some are vs. others, etc.

I think I've figured it out, mostly. Firstly, I've ridden and owned both. Just a few things follow. A definite disadvantage of my Spinergy wheels are the sail effect in a cross wind when not protected by a pack of riders. This makes virtually no difference in a pack, but on a descent in the wind, they are a definite disadvantage. If I were doing 50 and a 30mph gust hit me straight from the side, it could indeed be strong enough to create a crash. In a crit, I now think I understand why so many racers use them. The slip stream effect of the spokes, who cares about cross winds in these packs, and it takes a catastrophic event to screw them up as opposed to, let's say, shaving a nipple off or something.

Foremost, I gotta say, I believe for the most part, tri-riders have it all wrong. They are never in a pack, and deal with more wind and cross wind while solo riding than any other type of rider. I understand they want to create as little as possible front to back resistance, but they do so at far more side expense. I'd say those especially going wrong are those in Kona whose ride is notorious for strong cross winds. There, you'd find me in a low spoke count or even regular spoke count, low profile rim such as a Vector Pro or a DA wheel or of course, cane creek. No Cosmics, no Spinergy, Shamal, and ESPECIALLY no disc!!!! Any ideas regarding all this? Just wondering what your experiences are.