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Burning calories...(5 posts)

Burning calories...GTrider215
Aug 2, 2001 9:12 AM
Ok this is probably going to be hard to awnser but try to guesstimate. Say if your riding a flat surface going about average 20 mph for and hour about how many calories would you burn approximently. Remember i just kinda want a guesstimation or if anyone knows where i can find some place on the internet that will tell me something like that that'd be cool, ok thanks.

Try this site...RhodyRider
Aug 2, 2001 9:16 AM
(I hope this works - first time URL poster.)
Didn't work, here it is again...RhodyRider
Aug 2, 2001 9:17 AM
thanks alot man (nm)GTrider215
Aug 2, 2001 2:34 PM
re: Burning calories...gmc
Aug 2, 2001 3:54 PM
If I can trust my Polar HRM, I regularly burn between 52-54 calories per mile. Majority of my rides I average between 17.5-20 mph, except recovery rides, but it's interesting that the burn rate per mile is pretty independent of the speed I ride. I was surprised, so I went overboard analyzing the data and totally geeked out, and even though some other factors mattered (avg speed, avg HR, hills - I tried everything), by a very wide margin the factor that most significantly explained the number of calories I burn is the number of miles I ride. I'm happy to see that that number is going down, slowly, as I get in better shape over the summer.

That is, if you believe the heart rate monitor...