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Compact Geometry: Better, same or fad? (follow-up to broken(9 posts)

Compact Geometry: Better, same or fad? (follow-up to brokenBruno S
Aug 1, 2001 7:10 PM
Thanks to jtolleson, LBS Guy, badabill, BroBiker that replied to my previous post.

Ok, so Specialized will replace my Allez Elite 2000 frame with an Allez Comp 2001. The new frame is a step up and has compact geometry (sloping top tube). The new model has a headset of 1 1/8 instead of 1" which is what I had. Specialized will not provide this and I have to buy a new headset and stem. The frame has a carbon fiber fork that my old frame did not have so that may even out things.

But I am not very convinced of the geometry of the frame. How does the new sloping frames compare to the usual ones? Any opinions?
(follow-up to broken Allez chainstay post) nmBruno S
Aug 1, 2001 7:11 PM
re: Compact Geometry: Better, same or fad? (follow-up to brokenSteve B.
Aug 1, 2001 7:16 PM
You may well need a new (longer) seat post.

Other then that, assuming the angles and dimensions are similar, nothing may change.

Or it will feel like a totally different bike made by a totally different company.

My best guess.

re: Compact Geometry: Better, same or fad? (follow-up to brokenBruno S
Aug 1, 2001 7:38 PM
I thought about the seat post as well. I already had it very high and it probably will not be long enough. Specialized is really screwing me on this one. The bike is more than one year old (bought it 4/00) and according to their warranty only the frame is under warranty.
re: Compact Geometry: Better, same or fad? (follow-up to brokenwes
Aug 1, 2001 8:40 PM
I'm not familiar with the compat geometry thing with Specialized, but I'll reply anyways.

Compact often means that the wheelbase has been shortened up a bit. Many of these frames give you better acceleration and are quicker to corner.

The only drawback is (for me) on an old Gios Compact, and Guerciotti I had, my feet could hit the rear of the front wheel if my pedal position and steering were just right. But I gotta tell ya, I never have found a bike that sprinted better than the Guercciotti. (Sometimes it is the bike).

my thoughtsgrandemamou
Aug 2, 2001 4:21 AM
This sparks almost as much debate as Campy vs Shimano.Most traditionalist hate it. THey will tell you that there is absolutely no difference in feel. To be quite honest when your just riding along thats true. But when you hop into a large pack of riders or doing corners in a crit there is a difference.

I have a Bianchi ev2 with sloping top tube. It's not as radicly sloping as some so I did not have to use a longer seatpost. Marketing says lower weight(less tubing) stiffer bike (smaller triangle) That said, what I like about mine is the quicker handling and flickability(stole that word from another poster). It feels much more responsive.In a pack changing lines are quick and easy point and click. When your ready to explode off the front a little flick to the right and presto your gone.

My other two road bikes feel ponderous next to this one. A friend jumped on it and said "man this feels like riding a go cart, it's quick" That I think is the best way to describe it.
re: Compact Geometry: Better, same or fad? (follow-up to brokenbadabill
Aug 2, 2001 5:37 AM
Manufactures like the compact because they only make 4 sizes (ie s,m,l,xl). It is up to you to size the bike using stem length and seat tube length. Make sure the bike fits before you pay for these upgrades. I am not a fan of the compact frame, I think it is more a bike company gimmick to cut down on the number of frame sizes they have to produce, saving them money. I would make it clear to the LBS and Specialized that the new frame has to fit you. My 2 cents
re: Compact fadcyclopathic
Aug 2, 2001 5:51 AM
I doubt Specialized changed head/seat angles, TT length and wheelbase, so new frame fit should be "almost" the same.

I have Giant TCR (who I believe started fad) and I like it alot. Team ONCE races 'em
Here's some reasons why bike mfg go to compact:
- increased stiffness
- reduced weight
- reduced cost (fewer sizes, less inventory)

Compact frame would have considerably longer top tube for its size.
bike "fitting" is done by switching seatposts, stems and stem spacers.

Yeah you get screwed up and you'll need new headset, stem, stem spacers and seatpost, extra $$$. I'd recommend getting carbon or Ti seatpost that will make your ride cushier, esp if you take into consideration exposed length. And yeah don't cut fork before you get spaceres/stem dialed in good luck
Glad for compact.ebh123
Aug 2, 2001 6:10 AM
For me it's great. I have trouble fitting stock horizontal tube geometry in that I need a bike in the 57x59 range which, is tough to find. Instead of letting seat tube height dictate top tube length in a conventional design, I can pick a bike for the reach and let the seat tube height fall where it may.