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Looking for advise on buying over the internet.(2 posts)

Looking for advise on buying over the internet.DougS
Aug 1, 2001 3:59 AM
I'm looking to make a purchase over the net. What is the best way to make both the payment and ensure that I get what has been promised. Does paypal offer any type of assurance.
re: Looking for advise on buying over the internet.VictorChan
Aug 1, 2001 7:14 AM
You mean you are buying stuff from classified Ads? I sold a lot of computer hardware online. As a buyer, I like PayPal since it is fast and I can ship sooner. Too bad that PayPal charges you 3% for every transaction. However, you should use USPS money order using either Priority Mail with online tracking or Express Mail to deliver to the seller. With USPS, you can always report any fraud or suspicious stuff to the Postal Inspector and they would handle the situation. With PayPal, the best they can do is either refund the money (not sure how and or how long) or they would freeze the other user's account if he hasn't redrawn the money yet. Check their FAQ. Makes sure they are PayPal verified. Meaning that they have used their checking account to open their PayPal account. You can use a personal check. Ask the bank what would they do if there is a fraud. With a personal check, it is more traceable.