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To you Climb-to-Kaiser boys and girls:(3 posts)

To you Climb-to-Kaiser boys and girls:shmoo
Jul 31, 2001 5:31 PM
...Congrats to all.

Purely by coincidence my wife and I were camping at Huntington Lake on Saturday. I didn't even realize the ride was coming through until Friday. As fate would have it, our campsite was immediately across the road from your Huntington Lake rest (lunch?) stop, just before your climb to Kaiser Pass. I could have thrown a pine cone and hit any one of you on your Giro. My wife, who rides very recreationally, was clapping and hollering "good job" to you all as you were coming in throughout the day. My hat's off to ya.

By the way, if you think you had it tough; I had to fish and drink beer all day. Whew!!

P.S. How fast on the descents??? (nm)shmoo
Jul 31, 2001 6:08 PM
P.S. How fast on the descents??? (nm)Spokeman
Aug 1, 2001 7:54 AM
I topped out at 47 on the way down from Kaiser pass.

One of my teammates had a front flat on that section and his life flashed before his eyes. Luckily, he kept it upright.

What a great ride.