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Mercury and Francaise de Jeux to merge(6 posts)

Mercury and Francaise de Jeux to mergeLanterneRouge
Jul 31, 2001 5:25 PM
Looks like Mercury isn't dead yet. They've apparently merged with Francaise de Jeux, although the roster for next year is far from set. Does that mean there will be one and a half U.S. teams in next year's tour?

Here's the link to the story (I hope):
Just had to comment on your great name! (nm)Jim Burton
Jul 31, 2001 6:42 PM
re: Mercury and Francaise de Jeux to mergemr tornado head
Jul 31, 2001 6:52 PM
Hmm... wonder what'll happen to thier (Mercury's) "domestic" squad. I've really enjoyed watching them race in the past couple Wendy's Cycling Classics as well as them "facing off" with the Saturn squad.
re: Mercury and Francaise de Jeux to mergeLanterneRouge
Aug 1, 2001 8:59 AM
They apparently intend to maintain a domestic presence, with the current Mercury manager John Wordin heading that up. I would suspect they may hit some U.S. races with a "B" squad, kind of like the Posties have done the past couple of years. Having ridden with the Mercury squad on the Simi Ride in LA the past couple of years (I'm not bragging -- there are hundreds of riders on this ride), I'm hoping to grap Jacky Durand's wheel for a minute or two next spring if Mercury/FDJ trains out here.
re: Mercury and Francaise de Jeux to mergejustdonttakehimout
Aug 1, 2001 12:26 PM
That ride is nuts. I am surprised that a D1 team would call that a part of their training camp. Anyway, see you out there. Of course, I won't know who you are and vice-versa.
Jacky Durand on the Simi Ride?mr_spin
Aug 1, 2001 1:03 PM
Don't grab HIS wheel. He'll pull his usual suicide break, probably down Los Angeles Ave, and you'll end up wasted in Moorpark with no ride home!