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Yo Doug S, Grzmonkey, How was Kaiser?(4 posts)

Yo Doug S, Grzmonkey, How was Kaiser?Spokeman
Jul 31, 2001 7:27 AM
Hey guys,

I posted on Sunday but got no response. How did it go for you? I did it in 10:14 and my teammate was the first one in at 8:58.

God it was hot.
In a word: HOT! ;-)grzy mnky
Jul 31, 2001 12:21 PM
That's a fantastic result and I believe that your buddy may have set a new course record! I know Doug was up there - I saw him right after the start and saw him charge up the first hills with the first pack. There was a solid core of very good riders. Really funny the descending part is tougher than the climbing due to the heat! I now know where Satan lives...

My time was around 13:30 with something like 3:15 in the rest stops. Initially I was trying to keep track of my wife and my buddy who were behind me. Unfortunatley my buddy was involved in the crash after the start only neither one of us new this. I kept wondering where he was and hanging out a bit - even stopped for a latte up around Shaver Lake! We found ouot later that he pulled himself together after a while and rode a 95 mile loop via Shaver Lake. He lost some skin and tweaked his shoulder, but should be OK. My wife got nailed by the flavored Cytomax and was really having digestion problems - she normally doesn't use the stuff - she prevailed and finished just before dark.

Hitting that rest stop around Millerton at 5 P.M. I was really hurting from the heat and took something like 45 min. to cool down. My watch said 103 F and others were saying 105 F. I melt in that stuff! Pretty amazing how one can go from feeling fine with well over 100 miles completed to total crap in 15 miles just from the heat. I was very thankful to hookup with a couple local boys for the final leg home and take turns drafting. Had a redneck in a pick'em up come within six inches of me around Prather (according to the guy behind me) - scared the crap out of me, I was already at the very edge of the pavement. He just did it to impress his buds riding with him - seems that the locals say this treatment of cyclists is pretty common in that area. Other cyclists report similar forms of harassment. Now I know why the cops were hanging around down there.

I gotta hand it to the Fresno Cycling Club - they put on a great show and a really tough ride! The support was excellent. The heat was heinous! I'd rank this ride tougher than the Death Ride, but not as hard as the Terrible Two. Of course the heat is the big variable.
Sort of had a bad dayDog
Aug 1, 2001 1:06 PM
Can't complain about the final time, too much, but I was suffering all day long. Ended up finishing in 11:01. I did a stupid thing and over did it the last week. The weekend before, a few others and I raced up the big hills up to Kaiser. I did Big Creek in 33 minutes then, as I just felt really good, despite having done the Death Ride the week before. I felt so good I continued to train hard all week. Saturday morning, I had no legs. The hills wiped out my legs before I even got very winded. It took 55 minutes to get up the same Big Creek hill.

The last 30 miles were horrific. For some reason, the heat really got to me this time. It was between 102 and 106 for the last 30 of the 155 miles; I ran out of water, and my pace reduced to 13 mph for the last 15 miles, which were all flat. That pretty much sucked. Going 13 when you know you should be doing 21 or so just plain sucks. I was very fearful of serious heat related problems, such as I had a long time ago when doing a marathon on a 95 degree day in Indiana in the summer. Went into heat shock, then. I didn't want to repeat that, so I just slowed down and started pouring water over my head. In fact, there was one guy I was riding with the last 30 miles who beat me in, who I beat by 1:40 at the Terrible Two a month ago. I early on gave up on a good time, and just thought of it as a workout. I hate it when I over do just before an important ride. It's just stupid.

The winning time of 8:58 was about 40 minutes slower than normal best times. I think the difference was the heat. It was even fairly warm at the higher elevations, 5,000 to 9,000 feet, where it's usually a bit cold even in the summer.

The start, which is flat for the first 20 miles, seemed a bit faster than usual, too; must have been the warmer temps first thing in the morning.

I just about seriously crashed twice. I was using new Tufo tubulars on carbon rims, Velomax/Lew in front, and Zipp 303 in the rear. Twice the front tire slid out on me on fast downhill corners, once by Shaver Lake, and once more between Shaver and the 4 lane on the way back. The second time the front slid a good 3 feet sideways, forcing me to upright the bike and move well out into the auto lane before recovering. Pretty scary, with cars coming the other way. The Tufo's just don't stick like Axial Pros, maybe partially because of the 150 psi I had in them. Also, carbon rims really do not brake well. While they don't build up heat, they are very grabby and inconsistent. If you brake in a corner, watch out.

I saw grz monkey near the start, but we got separated almost instantly. Don't know what happened. I felt bad not getting to talk a little more.

Good job on the 10:14. In fact, good job for anyone just finishing this one.

Self inflicted wounds are the hardest to take.....Len J
Aug 2, 2001 3:37 AM
but they usually teach the best lessons. Better to learn this now than in the October 500+ miler you are doing. Take it easy on yourself, 11 hours with those hills is only bad in comparison to your own expectations. Glad to hear you made it safe & survived the heat and the potential accidents.

Things we love can take us so high, and so low. Part of the cost of caring so much!