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Anybody know anything about Easton Scandium?(3 posts)

Anybody know anything about Easton Scandium?Jacob
Jul 31, 2001 5:49 AM
I'm trying to sell a bike of mine. It has a frame that's made by Easton and the material is Scandium Alluminum. I went to their website and found a little information about it, apparantly it's lighter and stronger than their Ultralite Taperwall tubing. As we all know, anything Easton comes with a hefty price tag, shouldn't this frame make the bike worth tons of money?
Brand realityBipedZed
Jul 31, 2001 8:00 AM
It doesn't matter that your frame is Easton Scandium.

Bottom line - in the extremely brand conscious marketplace of road cycling, no one wants a Kona. Don't mean to be blunt, but that's the resell reality for bike companies like Kona, Fuji, Jamis, etc.
it's not the tubing...Hank
Jul 31, 2001 8:07 AM
it's the builder, and as we know from your previous post, you're talking about a Kona, which is fine I'm sure, but not a brand that is really desireable for most roadies. I think you may have also paid too much for it new, which makes it worse (for $2400 new I'd be looking at something like a Steelman or Ritchey with Dura Ace or Chorus). Sorry but bikes really depreciate. Personally, I wouldn't buy any used AL frame - especially sight unseen. Might have a hairline crack somewhere and as a second owner you don't get a warranty. Steel tends to be more durable and is easily repaired.