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Old La Honda Rd, Me, Pantani & the Weight Weenies(7 posts)

Old La Honda Rd, Me, Pantani & the Weight WeeniesBiking Viking
Jul 30, 2001 12:33 PM
After having posted this at "home", i.e. mtbr/passion, I realized it might have interest here as well. Especially the power/speed calculator.

re: Old La Honda Rd, Me, Pantani & the Weight Weeniesmr_spin
Jul 30, 2001 1:01 PM
Hey, I also went out on Saturday to do Old La Honda! I've been training pretty hard this year and have made phenomenal gains in my climbing, so I wanted to see what I could do. I've done around 20 minutes before, but I realized pretty quickly that my legs were fried, and the trip up from Los Gatos into the wind didn't help. When I got there, I didn't even bother. I just kept going up and over Sand Hill and back home. Of course the mysterious Foothill Expressway vortex kicked in, where no matter which direction you are going, you are always facing a headwind....

The Pantani numbers are amazing, but I'd bet Lance could make him look like an amateur. Before the winter training camp in 2000, Lance was seen in the area and up on Skyline, I believe with his teammate Dylan Casey, who lives in Mountain View. I wonder if he went up Old La Honda, and if he did, what his time was. The way he was going in the Tour this year, 11 minutes doesn't sound unreasonable.
re: Old La Honda Rd, Me, Pantani & the Weight Weeniesslug
Jul 30, 2001 3:48 PM
lance up on skyline? wow, bet he couldn't ride around here anonymously nowadays. but then again i've seen casey a few times on foothill, and even on el camino real, and nobody seems to bother him. he looks freddy with the the bike and outfit anyway, til you realize it really is him. watch out for them, maybe even in the spectrum ride, in september when they ride the SF grand prix.
Look for Lemond there on Sundaymr_spin
Jul 31, 2001 6:47 AM
I just read in the paper about a "private" ride sponsored by one of the VC firms on Sand Hill. Greg Lemond will lead it! Apparently, the "strong" riders are going to ocean, while the others will stick to Portola Valley. If they go to the ocean from Sand Hill, best bet is Old La Honda or Kings Mountain. OLH is safer, so I'd put my money on it. Wait at the top, maybe you'll meet Greg. Ask him what his time was! Then again, I don't know what kind of shape Greg is in. Maybe he'll just do the Portola loop!
Dood, you rule!grzy mnky
Jul 30, 2001 4:41 PM
I seriously mean that.

Doing OLH in anything under 20 min. is wicked fast. I've still got a ways to go. It's a bit nicer now that the pavement is fixed.

Word is that Eric Hyden owns the record at something like 14:22, but someone figured that Pantanni could do it in around 12 min. based on some Stage data. I can barely imagine what they'd do if it was their only ride segment.
Thanks. There is actually a link to the "Pantani on OLH"...Biking Viking
Jul 30, 2001 5:03 PM
...discussion in my story.

re: Old La Honda Rd, Me, Pantani & the Weight WeeniesHank
Jul 30, 2001 6:19 PM
I used to do that climb just under 18 minutes using a 42 x 21 and 42 x 19 when I was 19 years old (and 125 pounds). I knew people who did it in the mid 15s. This was in the mid 1980s. Scary to think how fast Pantani could do it.