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bianchi vs c'dale vs lemond(4 posts)

bianchi vs c'dale vs lemondmarklorie
Jul 29, 2001 2:25 PM
i'm a mountain biker buying my first real road bike (i had an old clunker road a friend put together from old parts). i want something that will perform in a variety of situations--triathlons, long distance rides, and lots of fast shorter rides (20-40 miles).

so far i've looked at:
cannondale R600 and R800
Lemond Buenos Aires
Bianchi campione and the model above the campione (can't remember the name)
specialized A1 (i was the one with the 105 gruppo)

i'm leaning toward the lemond or the higher bianchi (probably the steel version with the campy components). however, i can get a silkroad 600 or the specialized for $1000, which seems pretty good.

i have NO idea what to do. is there much of difference between these?
re: bianchi vs c'dale vs lemondjtolleson
Jul 29, 2001 2:37 PM
This stuff is all so personal. I mean, for me, I'd go steel. But part of that is for comfort (I'm mostly long distance sport touring, centuries and such). So, I'd go LeMond or Bianchi steel. I know that the comfort of Cannondale has improved since my old 2.8 frame with the oversized down tube and the jarring ride.

And every manufacturer fits a little different (esp. Lemond has a different geometry than the other manufacturers you are talking about). So then it is down to 1) fit and 2) components. You are right that Specialized puts 105 components on bike cheap enough that other manufacturers' equivalent models come only with Sora.

You sound determined enough to ride seriously that you'll definitely want to hold out for 105 (at least).

I don't think any of these are a bad prospect. Test ride each one in your size and try to think about road feel and comfort, and then try to compare apples to apples component wise within the same price range. Sorry I can't give you the magic answer!
re: bianchi vs c'dale vs lemondRoy Zipris
Jul 29, 2001 4:07 PM
This past spring, I tested several Cannondales, the Bianchi Veloce, and the Lemond Buenos Aires. To me, the BA felt the best--most comfortable, most stable; perhaps the Lemond geometry is right for me. The bike is wonderful--it's fast (at least for me, but I'm not racing anyone) and loves to climb (I got the triple, I should say). It comes with 105, which shifts smoothly enough, even under some pressure while climbing, and I like the feel of driving my legs slightly forward into the pedal. Feel, comfort, and fit came together for me in the BA. That's my experience, for what it's worth.
re: bianchi vs c'dale vs lemondslanham
Jul 29, 2001 4:38 PM
I bought a used 2000 Lemond Chambrey last winter and love it. I would look at used bikes also. I bought mine from the classified ads here on Good luck. steve