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USPS Jersey/Yellow Jersey(24 posts)

USPS Jersey/Yellow JerseyHMS
Jul 29, 2001 1:54 PM
Last year, my kids gave me a USPS jersey for my birthday. I feel like a posseur when I wear it. (When I bought my Trek 5200 in November, I had the LBS order a black one rather than my taking the USPS model in stock.) Usually, I do not see too many USPS jerseys when I am riding. However, yesterday it seemed like every other rider was wearing one. Has this phenomenon appeared elsewhere?

Another observation/question: Yesterday I saw someone wearing a yellow jersey -- not just any old yellow jersey, but a TdeF replica with Credit Lyonnaise on it. Isn't this a bit too much?
re: USPS Jersey/Yellow JerseySkip
Jul 29, 2001 3:10 PM
How does that phrase go,..."Copy catting, is the best form of flattery". Some people feel closer, more connected, or part of the action, to immitate and emmulate their heros. Personally, I feel that any, and all "team" jerseys are gaudy, and over the top. Besides, I surely don't want to be another riding billboard, hawking (sp) some businesses logo. I do wear simple yellow jerseys, but for the increased visibility factor, not at all for it's TDF, winner, or eletist significance. To each their own.
re: USPS Jersey/Yellow Jerseylibcycl
Jul 29, 2001 4:26 PM
just wear the jersey. who cares what the fashion police think.
I agree that wearing a Yellow JerseySlothlike
Jul 29, 2001 4:42 PM
especially while riding the Trek is overkill. I am a big Lance fan and have a signed/framed "Courage" poster in my living room. However, I could never see myself riding a Trek Postal bike ever let alone with the Yellow jersey. That is just how I feel and to each his own. The more important thing is to just ride but I feel we all look silly enough with our garb on. Sort of like a gay superhero. I wear it because it is functional not because I think it looks good. The blue Postal jersey isn't soo bad though. I will wear team jerseys if they were on sale as I can be a cheap bastard. Ride at night and you'll be less self conscious.
re: USPS Jersey/Yellow JerseyMike K
Jul 29, 2001 4:50 PM
Blew past a fat guy in a Credit Lyonnaise jersey this afternoon in my Republic of Anaerobia, Veni, Vidi, Vomiti jersey.
I did the veni & vidi part and he looked like he was going to do the vomiti part for the 50 yards he spent trying to hold on to my rear wheel.....
re: USPS Jersey/Yellow Jerseycycleguy
Jul 29, 2001 9:45 PM
Maybe you blew past the fat guy after he had ridden for 100+ miles before. Maybe he, like Lance, is a cancer survivor, maybe he just lost someone in his family. Maybe your just a jerk!!! Silly me, of course you are!! Why else would you bait!!!
Silly me...Mike K
Jul 30, 2001 8:11 AM
Maybe he was just a poser, the same one I pass a few times a month but this time he happened to be wearing a jersey that's only value is in the way that its earned and that he will never, being a poser like you, will figure out.
Talk about bait, any idiot out there in a purchased yellow jersey is bait..... The kind you reel in relentlessly because no self respecting racer worth his or her salt would ever wear a trophy he/she did not earn. Why don't you break down and buy yourself a Tour de France stage or overall trophy to place on your mantel right next to the jersery?
And yes, the Republic of Anaerobia jersey is tacky a hell and so are the beer jerseys I like to wear. But there is a big difference between wearing a trophy you did not earn and just having the bad taste to wear something that says vomiti on it...
Republic of Anaerobia jersey is pretty cheesy toonm
Jul 30, 2001 5:08 AM
Who cares? Please grow up everyone!Only300
Jul 29, 2001 7:39 PM
I have a yellow TdF jersey and enjoy wearing it. I don't own any other team jerseys but it really doesn't matter. If I wear a professional NHL jersey will everyone look down at me? Probably not, but again who cares. I like wearing the yellow jersey. I kind of gives me a mental boost. For all those fashion police out there, it really doesn't matter what someone wears, regardless of his or her skill. I remember way back in middle school; we used to call kids posers if they wore certain clothes. Hopefully most of us on this message board are above that.

Happy riding everyone (whatever you wear)!
Who cares? Please grow up everyone!Slothlike
Jul 29, 2001 8:43 PM
I agree with you on a certain level that it shouldn't matter what someone wears. However, the threat of looking silly is always there when someone buys an outfit like that. It reminds me of the movie Dumb and Dumber when Jim Carrey and his buddy arrive in Aspen and buy every typical ski garb/Aspen style clothing. It was silly. Yes, I was a basketball player for most of my younger years and in my neighborhood, if I came to the playground wearing a full Sixers or Bulls outfit to play a pick up game, I would have gotten a beat down. I would have looked like an A$$hole. Sorry, but this unfortunatley how I feel and most other people do. Yes , I can speak for most people on this issue because my friends and family are all representative of most people and this is the overwhelming consensus. Most of the people wearing these items probably got into cycling and bought their Treks after 1999. Long time cyclist probably wouldn't wear or buy these products. Hey, I like the USPS Nike gloves and black arm/leg warmers, but the are subtle and just have the Nike logo. But a yellow jersey on the suburban roads of Ohio is silly. Just my opinion
Ever heard of Micheal Jordan?Mabero
Jul 30, 2001 5:28 AM
Last I checked people were getting beat up for a pair of MJ basketball shoes...

All I have to say is why is so different for us to wear team jerseys and feel like posers when we look around at all WWF/NBA/MLB/NFL/etc fans that wear the hats, the shoes, the shirts, the shorts, the socks, the rings, the watch, the etc.

I think it's great when anyone of us wear a team jersey or a nice looking jersey...I just have one dull blue one that desperately needs to be replaced.

And as for being a walking sponser of logos? Aren't they the companies that are sponsoring our riders for they can make a living and ride for us...where would OLN be if they didn't have sponsors? Where would anybody be without sponsors?
looking silly?Duane Gran
Jul 30, 2001 5:05 AM
Just a friendly reminder... to the general populous, we look silly in lycra already, regardless of which jersey we wear. Or, as one of my teammates said to me after we got our new team outfits, "We are the only ones who think we look good in this stuff."
exactly! so why....nm
Jul 30, 2001 5:42 AM
look even sillier- or silly to some of "us"- by wearing a pro kit, national team/champion jersey, or (horrors!) a yellow jersey? just stick to your club's jersey or a primal wear (if UA)
I don't know about you but I look good in lycra!Pack Meat
Jul 30, 2001 6:56 AM
I get honked at all the time,and not the mean kind of "get the heck off the road" honking. Girls always scream "Nice Butt!". I look like a damn comicbook superhero.

I watched a local race this weekend that's popular with Citizen riders and they looked pretty silly wearing pro team jerseys especially when guys that were actually on that pro team raced an hour earlier.

Basically the people that wear NHL, NFL, etc jersies are living vicariuosly thorugh their sports heros. They are honoring and supporting players that they think deserve it by wearing that players number and name. We don't have that luxury because we don't habe names and permanent numbers. It would be silly to see a playing touch football on full gear with his own name on the back of the jersey wouldn't it.

But that's just my opinoin I could be wrong.

Jul 30, 2001 11:46 AM
I need your email address so I can ask you something.
I've dropped some weight, sculpted some leg muscles, and,bill
Jul 30, 2001 7:09 AM
after some initial self-consciousness, have decided that I look as good in Lycra as anyone. Yeah, I feel good. Stomach pretty flat. Love handles (mostly) gone. And I have a chest again, not little hairy pillows.
So why, when I walked in the house the other day, took off my jersey, and was heading toward the shower in my bibshorts, did my wife look at me with, instead of smoldering lust, disbelief, bemusement, and, yes, even some vague scorn at what her husband had become?
I giggled. She giggled. Long live Lycra.
It's simple.MikeC
Jul 30, 2001 9:10 AM
There are cyclists who ride what they want, how they want, and dress how they want. Then there are cyclists who enjoy being part of the "scene." If you want to be part of the scene, then you have to play by the scene's rules: shave your legs, don't velcro a mini-pump to your frame, ride a crit every now and then, and choose your bike not only for how it makes you feel, but how others will respond. And don't wear team kit or a yellow jersey because it isn't appropriate for "the scene."
Now if you genuinely don't care about being accepted by the "serious-roadie" scene, you can say the heck with the rules, or make up your own. That's fine, but don't expect to "fit in," or pass yourself off as a scene-member when it suits you. Only the very coolest, most secure riders can change the scene's rules to their own. And there aren't many people who can pull that off.
Very well put. nmLazy
Jul 30, 2001 12:43 PM
Image is Everything.grzy mnky
Jul 30, 2001 10:36 AM
Contrary to recent soft drink marketing hype, the world is full of poseurs. You just have to decide which side of the line you fall on. Why limit it to jersey colors that only a small fraction of the population understands? What about breast enlargement, liposuction, plastic surgery, big houses/cars, maxed out credit cards and all the other things that people do to look different than they really are? It's a fairly large part of human nature to want to project a certain image - one that is optomistic.
Image is Everything.JAMMM
Jul 30, 2001 12:28 PM
"It's a fairly large part of human nature to want to project a certain image"
So grzy mnky, what image are you trying to project? Do you think you are succeeding?
Which side of the line do you believe you fall?
Hmmm....grzy mnky
Jul 30, 2001 3:09 PM
I'm definitely a hellion. Of course I'm succeeding - look at my posts. It's b/c fell off the edge and landed on my head.

To be a bit more serious I'm definitely in the anti-poseur camp. It's only my the good manners my mother instilled upon me to keep from passing some snide comment everytime I see a Postal wanna-be. Same thing goes for other professional sports wear. Possibly one could attribute it to jealousy, but any joe can buy the jersey. Can you say "marketing victim?" If you want to wear the jersey then earn it. Might as well get one that says "My parents went to France and all I got was this stupid jersey."

Sold my OCLV right after Lance Armstrong won his first TdF....and never looked back. The whole image thing is for the shallow and insecure amoung us and Madison avenue is depending upon it. We human all have our frailties, but we differ by degrees.

So where do you lie?
Jul 31, 2001 8:55 AM
I think you are one of the most self-concious posters here. You sold your "OCLV right after Lance Armstrong won his first TdF" because of your concern about what others would think? - That's a sad state of being. You are trying to convince others (and yourself) that you are not influenced by marketing??

I notice that you are by far the most prolific poster here; always the first to give others your opinion, and you go into great depth about your own accomplishments and self acclaimations. (all mouth and no ears) You are also the first to find fault in others. If someone disagrees with you, you start in with the personal insults. That is a sure sign of being shallow and insecure.

We human all have our frailties, but we differ by degrees.
Hmmm....grzy mnky
Jul 31, 2001 11:46 AM
You read too much into things or at least missed my point. My point about selling the OCLV was that I found a better bike to ride and I didn't care one wit that it was going to suddenly get a lot of appeal. I didn't sell it b/c he won nor would I keep it. I find the idea of someone buying a team replica bike and wearing team wear ludicrous and asinine in the extreme - not much different from a kid wearing a superhero costume all year round - only you'd think they outgrew the need to model themselves after someone else.

I do care a bit about what others think, but within limits. Obviously we're not all going to agree about anything (I would've said everything, but that's too broad.)

Purpose of the the board is to share info - that would be both opinions and facts. Should we limit ourselves to factual things only? If so who's going to moderate? If you don't want my opinion don't ask and don't read. I don't post to please you - I post b/c I have desire to express myself. Usually when I state an opinion I try to back it up with a personal experience to show my basis. Some people actually seem to find some of my postings useful - imagine that.

I usually don't start with the insults, but we all have our bad days. If you try to be so PC as to offend absolutely no one you don't wind up saying anything. I typically am a bit cynical and facetious, but in cyberspace it often comes across as shrill and extreme. Some people have absolutely no sense of humor - you may be one of these, but I'm just guessing - try not to read too much into it. Probably the thing that bugs me the most is when people make statements that are plain wrong and try to pass them off as fact. If I'm wrong I expect to hear about it and be corrected so I can learn something. I didn't vote for the first George Bush, so I don't subscribe to the kinder gentler thing. People in the flesh don't find me shallow and insecure - maybe it's just the image I project.

If your going to take my words and thrust them back at me at least get the spelling right - people are VERY intollerant of spelling mistakes (or at least mine).

So enough about me, let's talk about you....
You know, all of this just makes me nuts.look271
Jul 30, 2001 3:41 PM
Wear what you want. So what if some guy (or gal) is riding a USPS replica Trek w/ full kit. They're RIDING, AREN'T THEY? So what if they've only been riding since 1999? Perhaps LA's influence has gotten them off their bums and got them into our sport. This is a bad thing? I have 2 tream jerseys that I have only because they were a) cheap and b) nice jerseys. I don't neccesarily like either of the teams, but I like the jerseys. If you don't want to wear a team jersey, don't. Just don't diss someone who happens to own one. Viva la differance!