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Help with road shoes(3 posts)

Help with road shoesAztecs
Jul 29, 2001 6:26 AM
Just getting into road biking. Would like to get a road bike very shortly and have started looking at shoes as well. I take a size 14 shoe. This would seem to translate into a 49-50 EURO. After looking on the net at quite a few places it seems most road shoes go up to only 48 EURO. Any suggestions. Would I have to get them specially ordered by my LBS? Also, the review section here does not have a section for shoes. Will I be able to get something descent for less than $90?

re: Help with road shoesCliff Oates
Jul 29, 2001 8:56 AM
Click the "more categories" link to get to the main review page. The shoes are here.

I see that Sidi's are available up to a size 50, and this Sidi Genius owner can recommend them without reservation. They are WAY over your price though. They are available for quite a bit less from overseas suppliers (~$105) but neither sdeals nor totalcycling had your size available. I took a quick look at what Nashbar has for sale and saw several pairs of shoes selling under $90 and available in a 50.
re: Help with road shoespstewart11
Jul 30, 2001 2:28 PM
To get the best deal on a pair of Sidi Shoes, go to They are located IN Italy and even with the shipping and handling overseas, the Sidi Shoes are at least 1/2 the price you will be charged here in the states. I recently purchased a pair of the Sidi Energy shoes in Black (havent even seen the color offered here in the states) for 126.00 US dollars. The same shoe from Colorado Cylist or Excel or.... is a minimum 229.00 plus S/H. BTW- While you are at it look at the Castelli Bib shorts. They are a 150.oo here in the US and a mere 75EUR at Zonabici which is about 65.00US. Amazing! I wish someone had told me about this place before.....

(keep it under $200us and there arent any duties as I recall)

Happy Riding-Patrick