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need advice for a new frameset(22 posts)

need advice for a new framesetwes
Jul 28, 2001 8:03 PM
I'm looking out for a new frame (probably will outfit with Campy Chorus). Currently I ride a Ritchey Road Logic with D/A. It rides like a dream, very stable, predictable and comfortable. But it's about 20.5 lbs.
I'm looking to do something a bit lighter and foul weather resistant but I don't have a huge budget (let's keep it under $1000) for the frame and fork combo. I've been looking at a few Bianchi's and the Pinarello Surprise which comes with a carbon fork for $800.

Any suggestions, critiques and comments on the frames above would be welcome. I'm open to Cannondales and the such, but I haven't really researched them yet. Pretty much I just want the best aluminum frame/fork I can get for under $1K.

re: need advice for a new framesetHank
Jul 28, 2001 8:29 PM
I doubt the Ritchey weighs much more than 3.5 lbs for the frame only - so at most you'll be saving a little over a pound on the frame. You could go with a carbon fork, new stem, bars, seatpost, etc., to lighten it up. I ride steel in the Pacific Northwest through all weather no problems - just spray some Boeshield down the tubes once per year. Don't really understand the rust fear. Of course, if you just want a new bike... For cheap light AL I'd probably look at the Giant if it fit.
re: need advice for a new framesetWes
Jul 28, 2001 9:08 PM
I have seen some sites in the UK, but I'll pay more attention to the rates from now on.

The Colnago Dream plus is $1400
Wilier altec2 plus $1000 - something to look at
Ciocc Challenger frameset - $2000.

If you found the colnago and Ciocc for uner $1000 somewhere, please let me know.

re: need advice for a new framesetJohnG
Jul 28, 2001 9:49 PM
Totalcycling has Dreams for $1125 + 4% duty.

I've had VERY good dealings with Mike @Total

re: need advice for a new framesetwes
Jul 28, 2001 8:49 PM
Yup, you're right. I've been riding the Ritchey since '94 and there are no signs of rust. However, I did have my cherished Gios to rust.

A note about Taiwanese bikes - my parents are from Taiwan and they won't buy anything made there!!

Thanks for the advice.
what size frame are you looking for (NM)Starliner
Jul 28, 2001 9:04 PM
what size frame are you looking for (NM)Wes
Jul 28, 2001 9:10 PM
55 c-c
If you like Gios...Hank
Jul 28, 2001 9:20 PM
Gios has some nice looking AL bikes. Check

Giant makes great bikes for the $$$
colnago dream plus with full campy chorus for $1780keith m.
Jul 28, 2001 9:03 PM
colnago dream plus with full campy chorus for $1780wes
Jul 28, 2001 9:23 PM
Thanks. Is ordering from the UK and usually pretty reliable?
colnago dream plus with full campy chorus for $1780keith m.
Jul 29, 2001 5:15 AM
I've never done it myself, but everyone on the board who has dealt with or has been pretty happy. I called on another bike, it was $114 to get it shipped over. hope this helps.
I've had good service . . .DCW
Jul 29, 2001 6:09 AM
from both Total Cycling and Square Deals. Got a set of Ksyriums w/Campy cassette, two Axial Pros and tubes from TC for under $600 shipped; various smaller items like tires, tubes from Sdeals. I am about to order a Dream Plus w/Chorus from sdeals for my son for his birthday. Depending on the exchange rate for the day, the price will be in the $1800 range. The new Dream Pluses are Columbus Airplane instead of Altec 2. I understand that lowers the frame weight to about two pounds even, depending on size.

By the way, my favorite ride, after trying ti and alu is still steel. I ride a Guerciotti Neuron w/ Chorus and lightweight geegaws. No doubt I pay a small weight penalty, but it's worth it and really unnoticable. The extra pound or two for the frame and fork pales (= two water bottles) in comparison to the extra pounds I carry over what I weighed in college.
One of the "new" Dream PlusesDCW
Jul 29, 2001 12:48 PM
a Geo, is being offered on EBay. The seller claims the 56 cm Airplane frame is 996 grams (2.18 lbs.). A 53 cm. is likely to be about 2 lbs. Steve at SDeals says that the Airplane versions will also come standard with the Force fork, a bit lighter (at 420 grams, 70 grams or so, more if cut for short head tube) than the Flash. I do expect the Dream Plus airplanes to go up in price. I'll hope for a strong pound versus the lira and a strong dollar versus the pound.
NOT! colnago dream plus with full campy chorus for $1780Yellow
Jul 29, 2001 12:48 PM
Sdeals just raised their prices, and I hear it's because Steve made a mistake in pricing quite a few of the Colnago bikes. Less competitive prices now, so do check out current prices before you make your decision.
Did this happen yesterday?DCW
Jul 29, 2001 1:00 PM
I have been communicating with him over the past two weeks. The prices quoted on the website had long been out of date. His quote to me on Friday, July 27, was, for Dream Plus complete with ITM Millenium bars and stem, Flite Ti saddle, CXP-33 rims, etc., was about $1800 give or take a few bob. I am awaiting the new Airplane frames, which he said will be coming standard with the Force, not Flash, fork. I expect the price to rise, how much depending in part on the relative strength of the three currencies involved.
Did this happen yesterday?Yellow
Jul 29, 2001 8:49 PM
I noticed price revisions about 4-7 days ago. You may want to confirm with him. A friend was about to get a C-40 complete bike when he was bummed that he had to pay UKP 400 more. I'm contemplating one myself, but probably not at his new asking price.
Surprise framesetGregJ
Jul 29, 2001 9:05 AM
I have a Pinarello Surprise built with Chorus 10 and Reynolds CF fork(I got mine before the Surprise came with a CF fork.) It is a great bike in all respects, however, it weighs just over 19 lbs in a 58 size. I have it equipped pretty light except for LOOK pedals. If you really want to save weight I don't think the Surprise will be substantially lighter than the Ritchey. In fact I think it is actually a slightly heavier frame but with a lighter fork. WADR I think the Ritchey is a great bike and at 20.5 lbs for steel, not all that heavy either, I would consider sticking with what you already have. As far as foul weather goes, I would not worry too much, maybe some frame saver type stuff for piece of mind. If you really want light weight for under 1k, consider Cannondale and Fuji.
Surprise framesetwes
Jul 29, 2001 12:29 PM
Good advice. I'm not actually sure I need a new bike either, but I do have my heart set on it. :)

Crazy Man's assessment that the Colnago Dream Plus at about 3.6 lbs for the frameset should put me at about 18 lbs if built with Chorus. And at $18oo that's probably cheaper than I can get the Pinarello for.

My Ritchey is pretty much a road racer's dream. But not quite quick enough for crits. Does anyone have any experience with the Colnago and Surprise in terms of handling and angles? Both of them look to be pretty much standard 73.5/73.5


what about the Scatante' Airplanekeith m.
Jul 29, 2001 1:03 PM
at supergo. It's very light, uses columbus airplane tubing, has carbon stays, Cinelli's best carbon carve' fork with carbon steerer, and a carbon seatpost included, for $749. I'ts handmade in the Cinelli factory.
what about the Scatante' Airplanewes
Jul 29, 2001 1:29 PM
Thanks for the info. I've seen it (one of the lucky ones who lives not 5 miles from an actual Supergo store) and figured it was some generic brand. I'll check it out now that I know it was made by Cinelli.

Will you consider used?bianchi boy
Jul 30, 2001 5:00 AM
I have a Bianchi Alloro aluminum frame w/ carbon fork that I'll sell for $350, including an Ultegra BB and threadless headset. Frame weighs 3 lbs, Celeste green. Very good condition with a few small nicks on the chain stay.
try this...nm
Jul 30, 2001 5:46 AM
spend $6 for a can of weigel's framesaver. use it. save your money for that (other) dream ride. maybe get some lighter wheels.