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Interbike - worth attending?(2 posts)

Interbike - worth attending?TypeOne
Jul 28, 2001 12:30 PM
Some college buddies of mine are trying to coordinate some sort of reunion in Vegas in September. I seem to recall that Interbike takes place down there sometime that month.
If I don't want to take part in the drunken debauchery, is Interbike something worth checking out?
I'm not a bicycle dealer or anyone official who needs to see the latest and greatest, just a roadie who likes looking at bikes and stuff. Only if I won big at the casino would I really be able to afford anything there. What's the scoop?
not open to publicDMoore
Jul 28, 2001 1:20 PM
Interbike is a trade show - you need credentials to be admitted. It's supposed to be limited to trade folks only, although a lot of friends get snuck in by the guys actually working there. If you have friends in a local shop who are attending, maybe you can talk them into including you on their list. If you do make it in the door, there are huge halls full of every junky bike-related item you could ever imagine, and lots more you'd never think of. However, there are always some things of real interest as well. I live in SoCal; went a number of times when it was in Anaheim.