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Arro wheels for crits question???(4 posts)

Arro wheels for crits question???Steve A
Jul 27, 2001 5:09 AM
Arro wheels for crit races, are they that important ? also what is best ? Spinnergy Rev X - Zipp 303 - Mavic Cosmic Carbon- Campy Shemel
I cant help but notice a lot of racers are useing them "whats up" also any deals out there on these wheels ?
I'm no expert, but I thin light weight wins outjw25
Jul 27, 2001 8:21 AM
First off, I bet a lot of racers are using whatever they're sponsored by (unless they're amateurs, in which case they use what they have).
Unless you plan to charge off the front of the pack, and hold your own the entire crit, I think light wheels, or at least light rims and tires, are more important than any aero considerations.
For one thing, deep-section rims can be unstable in sidewinds. On a TT, this isn't a big deal, since you can usually drift a foot or so no problem (and with aero bars and a proper tuck, you probably will anyway).
In a tight pack, especially cornering, drifting 6 inches could put you in a very bad place. Not to mention that the air inside the pack is churning quite a bit already, so the aero benefits are diminished.
On the other hand, light wheels, or ones that are light near the rim, will accelerate faster, so you can jump out of a corner and keep your place easier. Crits are all about cornering and acceleration, and with aero wheels tending to be heavier, they'd be a drawback.
On the other hand, once that heavy wheel gets moving, it's harder to stop, so you might carry more momentum through. I'm sure someone's done a study, but finding info that isn't tainted by marketing will be difficult.
Of the wheels you mention, I'd think the Zipp's would be best, since they're lighter (and the rims are lighter, too, which is the big part), plus they're aero.
Personally, if I liked crits enough to have wheels just for them, I'd use something like Nucleons, Heliums, Sestrieres, Ksyriums, or even American Classics road wheelset. Something light, with a light rim, and enough spokes to be stiff laterally and not wind up too much.
I'm no expert, but I thin light weight wins outSteve A
Jul 27, 2001 4:25 PM
Thank for the reply, it was most informative, when i thought about it, it made some sense.Its funny you talked about American Clasic road wheels, as that is what I am using now, along with a set of custom Hugi 240 hubs mated to Aro Head rims, this set up is Campy which is what i am using now.What got me going on this is the number of racers at the local crits using Arro wheels ?? When I watch most of the pros it seems they are using arro wheels, but i also know they use what the sponsors give them!!The Zipps look real good also, but the all carbon is a little unknown? American Classic makes a 1000 gram deep dish all carbon rim mated to there hubs, these may make some sense? silly light and arro to."big bucks" but there hubs are very nice. Thanks
I race on my 303s...biknben
Jul 27, 2001 5:43 PM
I consider them to be the best of both worlds. Light weight, accelerate fast, and are aero'. Although, I have to admit, I get nervous using them in crit because of the possibility of a crash. I got into a fender bender the first race I used them and bent a spoke. Thankfully, no harm done but still makes me nervous.

If you can't afford light AND aero then light is the way to go. Accelerations out of corners are key.