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Need ideas for gel flask storage(16 posts)

Need ideas for gel flask storageDog
Jul 26, 2001 2:13 PM
For long events, I like to carry at least 2 gel flasks filled with Hammergel, sometimes 3. I normally carry them in my center rear pocket.

I'd like to wear a skinsuit, though, as it's a little cooler and, well, faster. No big pockets, though.

I need a place to carry the flasks. I tried the zip tie/velcro things, but didn't like them. Anyone have any bright ideas about where to carry flasks, if not in a jersey? Any inventors out there? They need to be readily accessible, and preferably point nozzle down to have the gel ready to dispense. Thanks.

re: Need ideas for gel flask storageAkirasho
Jul 26, 2001 2:37 PM
Not sure of what you meant by "zip tie/velcro things"... available at among others...

... also, consider an X-Lab Saddlewing... Could be modified for gel flasks...

Be the bike.
Jul 26, 2001 2:59 PM
Yup, that first one I tried. Seemed too hard to get the flask in and out. I've seen the in a bike store, but it was really heavy. If it were a flat event, it might work. Thanks.

How 'bout this?Atombomber
Jul 26, 2001 2:41 PM
How about adding a small pocket on your skinsuit. You should be able to have the tailoring done cheaply, and be able to find matching colour lycra at a fabric store. You could have the opening made like a large button hole, and have the pocket inside. It wouldn't interfere with the skinsuit's design when it was empty then.
just need a seamstress handyDog
Jul 26, 2001 3:01 PM
little custom pockets might be the way to go; I'll run it by a seamstress lady I know; thanks

re: Need ideas for gel flask storageSkip
Jul 26, 2001 3:17 PM
How about some simple elastic bands sewn onto your suit, to make little "holsters" to slide them in & out (resembling a holster belt for shotgun shells - could even use one of those, if you wanted to carry enough for the peloton - Ha!). Good luck.

Speaking of Hammer gel:look271
Jul 26, 2001 3:33 PM
How do you like the new apple cinnemon flavor?(if you've tried it.)
Pretty yummy stuff if you ask me and it works great.
My gel flasks came with an offer for a holster ...Humma Hah
Jul 26, 2001 3:51 PM
... but I never got around to buying one. It did hold the flask tip down.

Gel flasks are one of the big reasons I use MTB shorts with pockets. I've found, however, that after you snap the top shut, you must lick off the drop of Gu (alright, no nasty jokes!) or the next time you use it you get a mouth full of pocket lint. The holster should avoid this.

The last time I used my gel flasks, last weekend, I loaded them with Ensure Plus instead of gel. The calorie density is only half as much, but it sure does deliver fast, without half of it sticking inside the bottle.
re: Need ideas for gel flask storagesnapdragen
Jul 26, 2001 6:19 PM
This is a gel flask and holster by Ultimate - not sure it's what you want....
How about...JBergland
Jul 27, 2001 4:15 AM
Have you thought of some type of Velcro application? Mounting could be done on your handle bars or on your down tube just behind the head tube. Other places to consider might be top tube or seat post.

Good Luck!!
Stuff under skinsuit legLCRIII
Jul 27, 2001 5:32 AM
I have put Gu packs and even my flask under my bike short leg; between my shorts and my upper thigh, pointing down, ready to go.
I'm surprised no one has mentioned this, is it to simple or am I missing something?

To change the subject, I am looking at carbon bars. Worth the money? Good upgrade? I ride a Ti Merckx, BRC carbon fork. Doug, please comment.

carbon barsDog
Jul 27, 2001 6:10 AM
I have the Eastons and the Kestrels. The Eastons are a little lighter and a little flexier. But, I don't like the bends in them very much. They bend too sharply, and make it hard to reach the levers from the drops. The Kestrels are around 20 grams heavier, but much stiffer. Plus, the Kestrels allow the attachment of aerobars, which I need for the long events. I just put a strip of cloth tape over the bars, first. I like the rounder bends of the Kestrels.

Both are stiffer than comparable weight aluminum bars. The Kestrels feel infinitely stiff, that is, no flex at all. They both might take a little of the road buzz out, but really not that much difference.

Oh, the Kestrels have grooves on both sides for cables, the Eastons none. That's good, especially if you run Campy Ergo.

Worth it? I'm not the one to ask. I pretty much will buy anything and give it a go. I'm a real sucker for new stuff (ok, I admit it). I like them better than the comparable weight aluminum bars, is about all I can say.

Good info,thanks.(nm)LCRIII
Jul 27, 2001 8:29 AM
re: Need ideas for gel flask storageno excuses
Jul 27, 2001 7:57 AM
I found a flask holster at an going out of business sale. It attached to the stem like most of the ones described. I also prefer the large packs instead of the one use packets. There is one offered on the REI site.
There is still an issue with leakage, but the holster is a better solution than pockets, and there are no packets and tabs to throw away while riding.
well, I use a Camelbakjw25
Jul 27, 2001 8:38 AM
and I picked up their "Comm Pocket". It's just a velcro-closure pouch that would fit a cell-phone, but holds a flask perfectly. It velcros right to the strap, and stays put pretty well. I've also found the flap to stay up when opened, which makes putting the flsk away much easier.
I can't seem to find a picture of the thing, but mine was under $10 at the LBS, and well worth it.
For 2 flasks, though, you'd need 2, and of course the hydration pack to carry them.
The lo-tech solution might be to velcro them right to your frame. It'd be kind of ugly, but you could make sure they pointed down, and barring a crash, they should stay put. Plus, there's no pocket lint worry (the biggest drawback to a flask).
I usually carry single packs under the leg-gripper of my shorts, but a flask might draw some unwanted attention.
Order HammerGel online = spammed!TypeOne
Jul 27, 2001 10:55 AM
Hey, I like the stuff, too. And the apple cinnamon is pretty good.
But the last two times I have ordered refills online, I have received countless numbers of junk email in the following two weeks. Maybe it's a coincidence. But I wasn't giving my email out on a bunch of other commercial sites, so I reached this conclusion.
Anyone else have this problem?
What other cycling sites are notorious for this?
It would be one thing if they were cycling-related offers, but what's worse is that these are get-rich-quick and credit-card offers.