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Gios Megalite feedback(2 posts)

Gios Megalite feedbackFrank
Jul 26, 2001 2:10 PM
Does anyone know where the Dedacciai Lite tubing on the Gios Megalite rates compared to other steels? It is the last lugged version before they went to TIG welding, and looks to be a beautiful frame and fork. Anyone have one or know about it? Anyone have any experience with this it rides, quality, etc.?
Gios answersbianchi boy
Jul 27, 2001 5:56 AM
I have a Gios Compact Pro, which is made from the same steel but different tubing than the TIG welded version (which is ovalized). If the one you are looking at is lugged, it's probably the same frame as the Compact Pro -- perhaps without some of the chrome and adjustable rear dropouts. The Gios website says they make their steel frames from "Deda Chromoly Light made special for Gios."

My Gios is a beautiful frame with nice details -- chrome lugs, forks and stays; engraved fork crown and BB, adjustable rear dropouts so you can change the wheelbase length; incredible paint job and finish. All Gios bikes are painted in a cobalt blue color that is really intense and sharp. My Gios is smooth riding, even though it's very compact with a short wheel base, and glides over bumpy roads like any good steel frame. All Gios frames have a rather unique geometry with shorter top tubes -- which is why I bought the bike because I needed that to get a proper fit.

The Gios web site ( lists the weight of the Compact Pro frame at 1850 grams and the chrome fork at 630 grams. That translates into 4.07 lbs for the frame, 1.4 lbs for the fork, and 5.46 lbs total. This isn't light weight, but it's no tank either. For comparison, a Tommasini Sintesi (sold by Colorado Cyclist) weighs 5.9 lbs for the frame and fork, and 19.9 lbs for the complete bike built up with Ultegra components and Ritchey wheels. I don't know what my bike weighs, but it's probably about 19 lbs because I have the Campy Chorus group, which is a little lighter than Ultegra, and the Gios frame is .5 lb lighter than the Tommasini.

Finally,if you are interested in Gios, has their steel frames on sale right now for about $100 off. They are the sole US distributor for Gios.