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HELP(2 posts)

Jul 26, 2001 12:08 PM
If i could get the KHS flite 800 (2001) for $999 would that be a good deal? or any other suggestions at that price would be helpful.
some thoughts...Mabero
Jul 27, 2001 4:46 AM
Although I am no expert on KHS bikes I can give some relatively sound thoughts for you.

First on KHS website you see that retail is suggested at 1300 or so and you can confirm that price by looking at the reviews of the Flite 800 (2000) in the review section. So economically it's a good deal, but let's look at some other details.

I don't know if the frame is a full Reynolds 853 as found on the Lemond Zurich and Buenes Aeros or if it Reynolds 853 with Reynolds 525 seat and chain stays...not a big difference but obviously weight will a little more with the 525 seat/chain stays. Both will ride really smooth, steel always feel really pretty as it purrs under you.

You are getting a decent set of wheels that aren't just a generic type of wheels with the Shimano 105 wheelset and hubs. Also it is pretty much a full Tiagra package with the exception of the rear derailler being 105. It won't matter...yeah 105 and higher are lighter, but the bottom line is if the frame is full Reynolds 853, then it's a good buy if IT FITS YOU APPROPRIATELY! Cause otherwise the bike is worth "nill". If you like the bike and fits you well then great, but don't search for a deal on a bike that you don't think is "the one" for you. You know what I mean?

Hope this helps...later and have fun.