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rear wheel sluggishness: is it the QR, der hanger, dropout?(15 posts)

rear wheel sluggishness: is it the QR, der hanger, dropout?Haiku d'état
Jul 26, 2001 11:03 AM
2000 specialized allez a1/aluminum frame, 58" with replaceable rear derailleur hanger. 105 double, cpx21 rims and ritchey hubs & QRs.

the rear wheel is fairly easy to remove when changing a tube or cleaning the bike, but is a bear to get back in. i'm not wheel challenged per se, as i have no problems on my other road bike or the mountain bike with this same operation.

'bout four months back i had a problem with the rear being either crooked in the dropout or the QR not correctly tightened, and the rear locked up a couple times in the space of about 10 minutes. resolved on the road by removing and remouting the rear wheel. most recently last weekend (60 miler saturday morning), i'm feeling the back get sluggish, taking my speed on flats down from 18-22 to 14-16 mph. get off the bike, release the rear QR, re-seat the rear wheel and re-tighten the QR and all's well. this happened twice saturday.

sidenote: this was my trainer bike early in the year, and the bike has had gravity disputes twice on the right side--there are a few scratches on the right pedal, rear derailleur and right shifter/brake lever, but the brunt of the impact was (luckily) buffered by the motor.

what's your take? bent derailleur hanger, faulty QR, squished rear dropout,...??? what do i check and where do i start?

thanks in advance!
Jul 26, 2001 11:24 AM
like most things, I'd have to see it to be certain, but I'd guess it's a bad skewer (ritchey skewers have been known to break occasionally) Try slaping the skewer from your other road bike in there and seeing if it still does it. if not, go buy a new skewer (I like Salsa) You could also take it into a shop and ask someone, but that appears to be a phobia for most of the people here, oh well.
second the skewerlonefrontranger
Jul 26, 2001 12:15 PM
I'm running Ritchey Ti skewers on the Colnago right now, because they didn't ship any with my Cosmos and I just couldn't bear to use one of the endless sets of Shimano 105/STX skewers we've got multiplying in our junk box.

In a word, they suck. The very first ride on my brand new bike, I jerked the rear wheel sideways in the frame when I stood up to kick over a little rise a block from my house. No damage to the wheel or frame, but it scared the crap out of me, and I had to wrench 'em down way past my comfort level. I still have to re-tighten the daggone things two or three times in a ride. Ti rear skewers are pretty much contraindicated anyway (too stretchy), but if a little weakling like me can stretch them, I'd hate to see what a 180-lb guy with some horsepower to put out could do.

Stupid things. I'm going skewer shopping this weekend.
LFR: I've got Cook Bros. ti skewers (ti rear; fr = steel), whichbill
Jul 26, 2001 12:47 PM
function well and look very cool. I seem to be the only one in the world to have them, and I would be honored if you would share that distinction of minority; a mere $65 (FOR SKEWERS! MY GAWD! The whole story is that I thought I was going to be able to use a discount coupon, which I didn't get to use, so I have these slick skewers for real dough.)
But they do work well, and, while I'm not all that manly, I've never had any problems with over or under-tightening them. Can't say if they're any better than anyone else's, including Salsa's (which I've never tried; weigh about the same as Cook Bros.) or some others (actually, I've also got Mavic composites, which are fine, although I don't think that they're any cheaper, if you even can find them for sale anywhere; got mine with the wheels).
I've been tempted to try Performance's ti skewers, which you can get on sale pretty reasonably.
LFR: I've got Cook Bros. ti skewers (ti rear; fr = steel), whichLardog
Jul 26, 2001 12:58 PM
Specialized Ti skewers are cool.
I'll second the diagnosis and the Salsa solution... (nm)Mike K
Jul 26, 2001 1:26 PM
Airborne Ti Skewersspearce
Jul 26, 2001 2:33 PM
Has anybody tried these Airborne Ti Skewers? $15.00 sounds to good to be true? Any thought on these?
Good, Huffy owned, Chinese slave labor to hold on your wheels!Go Huffy!
Jul 26, 2001 7:33 PM
I have!4bykn
Jul 27, 2001 7:47 AM
I've had mine for 2 or 3 months now and never experienced any problems, no wheel slippage. And as I've said in the past, Airborne does NOT use slave labor, nor do they use political prisoners. Mr Huffy, if you are going to brand an entire country for the practices of their government, then that would mean we are all a bunch of George W Bushes. Now there's something I'd take offense to! (But that's a whole different subject.) And don't try to suck me into a political debate, I just won't answer.
Airborne Ti SkewersSteveS
Jul 27, 2001 10:59 AM
I got a set the other day in the mail but I haven't put them on my bike yet. They look just fine at a steal of a price.
Real Skewers.....grzy mnky
Jul 26, 2001 2:45 PM
...have steel rods. I've tried the ti stuff (Control Tech) and the instructions tell you not to over tighten. I have to question the logic of not having the wheels really secure and doing ti tensile testing while riding...

I've had zero problems with Shimano, Mavic, and Ritchey skewers. The Mavic ones have the "high leverage ratio" design and can clear the "lawyer bumps" (sorry Doug) on your fork, but I just file mine off.
Ritchey Skewers.....croy
Jul 26, 2001 7:17 PM
I recently had the front Ritchey skewer break on my Specialized Allez Elite. I had just finished a ride and went to remove the front well to rack the bike. Upon opening the skewer, the rod just snapped right where the lever/cam connects. I contact Ritchey Designs, and they stated "They had never heard of a QR breaking like that" They promptly sent me a free replacement. The broken skewer had snapped right where there is a small drift pin that penetrates the rod near the lever. I did notice that the new one had a different design. Kind of scary when this happens!

By the way, on the Allez frame, the QR nut on the Ritchey QR needs to be completely removed to take the rear wheel out. The nut is large, and it will not clear the replaceable der. hanger.
Ti SkewersMike K
Jul 26, 2001 8:45 PM
I've had problems with Ti skewers in the past (Nashbar "house" brand). I've found that if they hold ok on my disk equiped MTB then they will have no problems with the "power" I put out on my road bike.
Salsa Ti have more than held up on both MTB (I have a C-Dale with Fatty so Ti front is OK) and my road bikes. The only place Ti skewers are supposed to be not the best idea is on a traditional suspension MTB fork (the steel rod is supposed to help take slop out of the front end - not sure if I buy that...)
Most of the time it seems that the actual caps (don't know the proper name) and the bushings are more of a problem than the rod itself. My Nashbar skewers had bushings which held up ok on my road bike but would not take the MTB - the bushing stated to compress under the load and would then lead to a loose skewer and wheel - which is never good :-)
The Salsa's are great but not cheap - probably not worth the $60-70 per pair (unless you just have to have the Rasta set on your bike!)
UPDATEHaiku d'état
Jul 27, 2001 4:59 AM
replaced the ritchey skewer on the rear with the 105 from my other bike and rode 30 last night, with a few (it's all relative) small climbs and quick standing starts from the stoplight. noooo problems.

guess i'll be goin' ta tha sto' this afternoon to pick me up a new one (or pair, as the case may merit). i'll be going with standard 105 skewers or whatever i can get in eqiuvalence, as i don't have $70 right now to spend on skewers. i know the argument of $30 now and $30 in a year versus $70 for a few years, but...i'm nearsighted. btw, i am a 99% proponent of mail order, but i need (want) it today.

thanks, everyone, for your input!!!
Thoughts on UPDATETurtleherder
Jul 27, 2001 6:31 AM
I too had the Ritchey ti skewers. They would not hold the wheel and I kept torquing it over into the chain stay. I tried closing it REALLY tight and it exploded. The rod broke right off, and I had the pleasure of walking a mile home on my Look cleats. I next tried some of the cheaper steel skewers and still had the same problem. I knew I should just buy the Dura-ace skewers but could not bring myself to spend the $70.00. I finally saw the light when I exploded another skewer and so I just ordered the Dura-ace. Since then I have not had one problem with a slipping rear wheel. The Dura-ace have held from the first installation. Bite the bullet and order the Dura-ace.