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Any experience with Supergo??(16 posts)

Any experience with Supergo??Peter E
Jul 26, 2001 8:37 AM
Does anyone have any experience with Supergo??
I-m looking at Easton EC-70 road fork and the Kenda concept road tyres. The price seems very good. Anything particullar to watch up with?? How is the shiping prices?? can i get it shiped to sweden and do i haf to pay with card or can i do it in some other way??
you mean Superslow??nm
Jul 26, 2001 8:50 AM
Good experiencesTommyBoy
Jul 26, 2001 9:27 AM
I have had good experiences with Supergo, but I don't know what you'd have to do for international shipping. The use of a credit acrd is always, always, always a good thing to do. It allows you an escape route for bad or non-existent service.
Good and badJimm
Jul 26, 2001 9:41 AM
GOOD: In shop. Huge store with a good selection.
BAD: Via mail order/net. They overcharged me for shipping/handling (removed the charges at a later date); VERY slow response to questions (often times getting no response at all)
I've no idea what the international shipping charges would be...not cheap that's for sure. Good luck!
re: Any experience with Supergo??Shelley
Jul 26, 2001 9:43 AM
Like another poster said, they are a little slow. I placed an order with them and it didn't ship till a week later. I cannot comment on international shipping or ordering.
pretty much horribleDog
Jul 26, 2001 9:48 AM
I used them a lot a few years ago. Almost every order got screwed up, delayed, backordered, and with hard to do returns. I gave up. The sometimes cheaper prices were not worth the hassles. I got mad at myself every time I got enticed by a low price and once again they screwed something up. Fool me once...

OTOH, I have had very good experience with Excel, Performance, and Colorado Cyclist.

Didn't call me backTommyBoy
Jul 26, 2001 9:57 AM
I did have a question regarding an item I purchased, so I called customer service to inquire. They never called back. I would have been PO'd if hadn't figured it out myself.

Shipping and order response has been excellent. I have had the items shipped 2 day air because it's only $3 more than regular ground.
They've been good..the_gormandizer
Jul 26, 2001 9:59 AM
I recently ordered some derailleurs, crank and bottom bracket from them. At the same time I ordered tools and other components from Colorado Cyclist and Excel. The Supergo order was shipped one day later than the others, but it was also much bigger. Their web site has a great facility to monitor the order and links directly to UPS tracking. Shipping costs are similar to the other big on-line stores.

More recently I ordered tires that I had to send back and they were quite good about giving a return authorization.

I chose Supergo because their prices (on these components) were significantly cheaper, but I cannot comment about the quality of their phone support.
re: Any experience with Supergo??Ken
Jul 26, 2001 10:45 AM
I purchased an Ultegra triple crankset from them and the corresponding BB. They had the best price on the Web for these. I received the goods in a timely fashion. This was my first order with them. Based on this experience I would not hesitate ordering from them again.


Done Good by Megrzy mnky
Jul 26, 2001 10:59 AM
Got a killer deal on a MTB crank from them last year. found their sales guy on the phone to be helpful, informative, and knowledgable. Stuff arrived in reasonable time. Just don't dig paying shipping *and* in state tax for CA - it has to be a very sweet deal for me to order from them, otherwise I go to an out of state biz.
re: Any experience with Supergo??Starliner
Jul 26, 2001 11:15 AM
Prices are often among best. My orders have shipped within reasonable time. However There might be inconsistency with the information their customer service phone reps give. A recent item I wanted to order, on my first call the rep said they were sold out and weren't getting any more in. I called back later that day and got another guy who said they had what I wanted in stock. So I ordered it and found out the second guy was right. (Item was the $99 Look road shoes, size 48)
Prices are Hard to Beat but . . .sidley
Jul 26, 2001 12:04 PM
They often screw up orders or take longer than they should to deliver the goods. A couple of days after ordering a new frame, I changed my mind about size and called to change my order. Well, the order was on time but I got 2 frames of the exact same size. They credited my credit card and told me to send the extra frame back on them.

Their customer service will freely admit they need help.
re: Any experience with Supergo??badabill
Jul 26, 2001 1:54 PM
Used to buy from there store in Oceanside. Got an email ad for a frame fork and headset for $599 that I was interested in so i ordered it. when it arrived there was no fork or headset, called customer service and they told me the ad was a mistake and they would not honor it. So I returned the frame and they tried to charge me shipping, after 3 calls and no satisfaction I finally had to contact my credit card company to take care of refund. Bottom line I have not bought a thing from them since.
Yes, but limited toDCP
Jul 26, 2001 2:21 PM
One recent order placed on the internet. Order was correct and promptly shipped.
they lie with their component weights - with no apologydupe
Jul 26, 2001 10:14 PM
u bought a set of fsa alu cranks from them and thought they were a good deal lighter than equivalent shimano ones. pnly to find out thet the claimed 577 grams was actually 635 grams. i contacted the manufacturer and they are adament that they issued supergo with the correct weight information. supergo admitted that the item weight was incorrect and that the manufacturer led them astray. no apology and no recompense even suggested. after two weeks of me telling them that i demand something be done for me as i had already mounted the cranks they made no efforts to even email me regarding this matter. they just quietly changed their web page and corrected the weight on the item. they are slow and greedy when it comes to shipping. something which they emailed me with details for a shipment came a day later than what i specifically paid for the shipping and when i pointed out that according to their information they owed me for extra shipping they would never admit that they were at fault until i refused to back down. 2nd day air does not take 3 1/2 days unless you are supergo. and to top it all off they sent me wrong thread size bottom bracket.

i have never had such slovenly attitude and rampant greediness
from any wholesaler. i would rather deal with used car salesmen. total timewasters and not the sort of people for cyclists to deal with.

excel sports can run rings around them
Excellent experience with Supergo!!(ACE)
Jul 27, 2001 10:25 PM
I sent them a money order up front with no real way to protect myself. Got a great 18 pound bike w/ full Dura Ace stuff for an unbelievable price. Good response time etc. I took the bike to my LBS to have them check the build, tighten etc., they said there was no problem with the bike. Later I got a helmet through them without a hitch. Don't know about overseas shipping, but they were good to me here in the U.S.of A.