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Raleigh Customer Service and Warranty(5 posts)

Raleigh Customer Service and WarrantyJ-man
Jul 25, 2001 9:56 AM
I have a Raleigh Grand Prix (Canadian). Do not buy the Raleigh... I have had nothing but trouble with this bike, the biggest problem has been the derailler tab has brocken twice now the first time Raleigh fixed it no problems under warrantee but the second time (only 1 month later) they will not fix it??? saying that its not covered under my warrantee because its happened twice??? (To me something happening twice is a sign of design/manufacturing fault) Beware of Raleigh they dont stand behind there product.

im interested to know of others experiences with Raleigh Warrenty.
re: Raleigh Customer Service and Warranty HAHAHAHAHA!ak
Jul 25, 2001 10:18 AM
Raleigh is notorious for having zero customer service, zero warrenty department and zero quality control. When Raleigh bought DBR a few years back, shops all over the country stoped carrying their bikes. Raleigh may design decent bikes, but they don't produce decent bikes. Industry has labeled them "Bike-in-a-bag because they refuse to use a box for the small parts, instead shipping them in bags which are free to float around inside the bike-box and ding the frame, bend the QR skewer and spill open losing all the nuts and bolts. Wanna hear someone really bash Raleigh Inc. Go talk to someone who OWNS a shop that sold them in 1995, when they came out with the Defectium road frame (aka: technium)
Sorry, wasn't my experience.look271
Jul 25, 2001 5:02 PM
Several years ago, I bought a technium frame USED from a friend. It was one of the ti-steel combinations that had been made in Raliegh's Nottingham England shop. It was sold to him under the understanding that there was no warranty. I had it for about 1 year and was jra-really!, when snap! went the chainstay. Took it to the shop where the guy bought it through, showed it to them just as a "look at this" kind of thing. The shop owner said; "we'll show that to the Raliegh rep, they'll warranty it." Sure enough, a couple of days later, the shop called and said that they'd ship me a new R700 frame, N/C.I had to pay for the fork because I wanted a different size frame, but that was it (as well as the shop's charge to transfer my components to the Raliegh.) Not a bad deal.
Road buddy just got a new one...Cima Coppi
Jul 25, 2001 10:36 AM
He just picked up an R700 with the Ultegra Grouppo. It looks sweet, but we all know looks can be deceiving!! I'll be watching his bike more closely now to see if has troubles.
beware!Rusty McNasty
Jul 26, 2001 9:04 AM
There were still some decent frames coming out of England, until last year, when they shut the doors for good. Unfortunately, Raleigh America imports only Chinese and Taiwanese frames. The quality of these (especially the Chinese) can be spotty, and sometimes just awful. Raleigh today ain't no quaint British company. It is owned by Derby, inc., the company which just axed Univega, and also makes several lines of $h!t bikes.