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Carbon fiber seatpost.....recommendations(14 posts)

Carbon fiber seatpost.....recommendationsPsychler
Jul 24, 2001 5:20 PM
I am looking to save some serious weight...I have an anchor for a post now, so upgrade is in order...CF sounds like a great idea...suggestions? feedback?
re: Carbon fiber seatpost.....recommendationscarbonguy
Jul 24, 2001 6:47 PM
Campagnolo Makes a very nice Carbon post for about $150
Easton makes a Carbon Post for about $100-$109
If you are a extremely light weight rider a company called U.S.E. makes a super light carbon post I think that one is about $139.
Anyone else have any idea's?
re: Carbon fiber seatpost.....recommendationsgwilliams
Jul 25, 2001 1:45 AM
I'm 170 lbs and have been using the U.S.E. carbon seat post for about a 1000 miles with no problem. I got mine on sale at Performance for about $109.

What kind of warranty ?ixiz
Jul 25, 2001 4:30 AM
DOes all theses carbon post provide ?
1 yr (nm)gwilliams
Jul 26, 2001 4:53 AM
Try Look.look271
Jul 25, 2001 12:47 PM
They make a CF post that is about $150 or so. They know CF and I'll soon be adding one to my Look kg 271.
re: Carbon fiber seatpost.....recommendationsbartali
Jul 25, 2001 5:11 AM
I love Campy but I wouldn't go with their Record Carbon Fiber seat post. I broke it after 1000 miles and no, the seat post clamp was not too tight. Also, I weigh 180 lbs.

If you want a Carbon Fiber seat post, I would go with one made for a mountain bike. I forget the maker but it probably isn't as light as the Campy.
LP compositesak
Jul 25, 2001 6:12 AM
I actually saw some dummy use one on a DH bike (I wouldn't go that far) but they're very light, very strong, full carbon, and kinda pretty. (you'll see) LP Comp. only makes carbon-fiber parts, they do a few handlebars, a few seatposts, and a few bar-ends. They're a small company that lots of people have never heard of. Try to keep from over-tightening the post though (not because they break, but because they can get stuck in a thin alluminum frame (like a Klein) Good luck choosing.
aw, c'mon. there are no anchor seatposts.bill
Jul 25, 2001 7:01 AM
Carbon fiber seatposts look cool. They offer no weight savings over many other products, including alu and ti, many of which also look very cool. The dampening effects are way overblown for the 6-10 cm most people are going to expose, and I, for one, am very uncomfortable with clamping it into my bike stand (and I don't -- I clamp the top tube, which is a no-no, I know, but that's what I've been doing; never dented the top tube, but I'm afraid for what would happen to the post).
I have a WoundUp CF post. It is lovely. It matches my fork. I like having it. I like looking at it. But it felt no different and is not a whit better in function (and not lighter by much, if at all) than the $35 American Classic post it replaced.
Apples and oranges...TJeanloz
Jul 25, 2001 9:49 AM
You've declared that there is no significant weight gain in going to a carbon post. Not true. The comparison you give, between the Woundup and AC, is between basically the heaviest carbon post and one of the lightest aluminum posts.

When the man says he has an anchor, it may be a 1989 Record STEEL post that weighs upwards of 350g. In which case, he could achieve close to 1/2lbs savings with a USE Carbon Alien.
Granny Smith and McIntosh?bill
Jul 25, 2001 11:00 AM
WoundUp CF Seatpost = 170 g, 15 g more for shim. (from Advanced Composite's website)
Sampling of seatposts in CC catalogue:
Record CF: 180 g
Chorus ti: 195 g
Am Classic alu: 200 g
Am Classic ti: 185 g
Easton CF: 170 g
Dura Ace (alu): 195
With the one exception of the U.S.E. (130 g), all look pretty close to me.
Maybe Navel and Valencia?
tweedle-Dee and tweedle-Dumb?ak
Jul 25, 2001 12:42 PM
LP Composite: 140 grams
do you guys actually read all the posts in a stem, or do you just spout off?
Yeah, but, it's so . . . ugly.bill
Jul 25, 2001 2:03 PM
Do you have one of these?
Not sure, btw, why you have resorted to C.S. Lewis, given that no one else has ever heard of this product, that it is not generally available (although I suppose you'll argue that, too), and that I never said that there weren't ANY CF products that could shave weight.
I've gotta say, I wouldn't put that thing on my bike for money, looking that way. Does it come in different, umm, colors?
And, although the U.S.E. post has a bit of a track record, so that the weight savings does seem to be possible, you have to wonder a little why all these other respectable companies aren't just being killed by a product that shaves A WHOLE OZ OR MORE from something that, if it snaps off, will impale you in a way that would make Braveheart proud.
They lie...LP not even close to 140 gms2 Phil's and a Dean
Jul 27, 2001 8:21 AM
Use an easton or titec....The LP has a huge clamping surface that you do not need and it limits your adjustibility. I comes loose sometimes.