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brooks b17 or b17 narrow?(9 posts)

brooks b17 or b17 narrow?Haiku d'état
Jul 24, 2001 5:44 AM
ok, i'm about convinced to try a brooks from my specialized body geom comp saddles are great for up to 60 milers, but seem to get a little uncomfortable after that distance. i feel they might be a little wide near the nose and perhaps a little too plush at the rear.

my specialized came with the bg comp, good enough for shorter times in the saddle, so i ordered another two for the other road bike and the mtb (good price from the specialized online store). my bianchi came with their "body fit road saddle" stock, and it was like riding a piece of foam on a block of wood. awful.

i'm looking for a long-distance/long-time-on-the-bike saddle. aside from ordering it online, and the possibility of returning and exchanging the b17 for the b17 narrow, have any of you been in the same situation and used one or both?

re: brooks b17 or b17 narrow?Rusty McNasty
Jul 24, 2001 6:28 AM
I have a B17n on my road bike, and I weigh 175 lbs, stand 6'2". I will probably move up to a "champion special", which is a B17 standard with chamfered edges and wider, flatter rivets. The B17n is just a bit too narrow for really long rides, at least for me.
re: brooks b17 or b17 narrow?DINOSAUR
Jul 24, 2001 7:08 AM
I used the Brooks Team Pro off and on. Great saddle for distance riding, I just could not get it to dial in with the geometry of my bike. The disadvantage of a Brooks is the weight factor, you might take a look at a Brooks Swift, a racing model with ti rails. It is expensive, over $130 (?). I don't think the B-17 "Narrow" is actually that narrow, compared to todays standards. The Pro is about as wide as the island of Manhattan. As as sidenote, I clicked on Brooks website and they stated that you can overtreat a Brooks by applying too much leather conditioner, it can make the saddle breakdown faster.
re: brooks b17 or b17 narrow?Gary M
Jul 24, 2001 8:23 AM
I agree- the B-17 N isn't narrow by comparison with most saddles. I was worried about going from my Selle Italia Prolink to the "N" but found it fit fine. According to the Selle Italia web site, a Flite and Prolink are 139mm wide. According to the Brooks site, a B17 N is 155mm and a B17 Standard is listed at 170mm.
spec bgc size comparison w/brooks b17nHaiku d'état
Jul 24, 2001 10:08 AM

'bout the same, eh?

i'm not really worried much about weight, more about saddle comfort. at this point, $65 + shipping + $10 for "saddle accessories" is a good bit to pay for a saddle (for me), but a shade better than $100+, and a wise investment if it proves beneficial to my butt.

thanks for your input!
spec bgc size comparison w/brooks b17nDINOSAUR
Jul 24, 2001 10:52 AM
I loved my Brooks, my rear never bothered me. I just had trouble with the placement of the rails when dialing in my knee over pedal position. I don't think you will be disappointed....
re: brooks b17 or b17 narrow?davee
Jul 24, 2001 5:01 PM
Hi, Jeff.
I used a Brooks years ago. The leather will shape itself to you over time. Do you have the time? I am a "clydesdale". I tried a lot of saddles, including the "bodyfit", which was OK to about 20 miles. I tried Terry Liberator (too wide and the seams were in the wrong place; the Selle Italia Flite was too narrow and too hard; the Trans Am version was almost right, but not quite. The Terry Fly is the saddle I was looking for. Almost comfortable for 65 miles. You might want to try it if you haven't.
i'll consider that terry fly...i'm also a biggunHaiku d'état
Jul 25, 2001 5:23 AM
6'2" 195...trying saddles is going to get expensive, eh?

thanks, all, for the input! NMHaiku d'état
Jul 25, 2001 5:23 AM