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A little roadie justice(4 posts)

A little roadie justiceCRM
Jul 24, 2001 5:42 AM
I got a little justice (just a little) on a ride Sunday night. There were three of us climbing up a relatively short but kind of steep hill. We were all as far to the right of the road as we could get and we were moving at a pretty decent clip.

We've all had it happen. Along comes some idiot behind us in his car and he lays on the horn the whole way as he passes us, obviously for no reason whatsoever.

Well, unfortunately for him, there's a red light at the top of the hill and he has to stop at it. We all hoof it up the hill and pull up alongside of Mr. Friendly, who was looking kind of nervous about the fact that he wasn't able to just drive away after being such a blatant jerk. I didn't hit his car or challenge him to a fight or anything, but I got to stare him right in the face and say, "What, were you in that big of a hurry? Did we hold you up for a few seconds? I know how important it was for you to get to this red light as fast as you could." He just stared back with a totally dumb look on his face while his girlfriend beside him looked like she wanted to crawl under the seat.

It wasn't much, but it felt very gratifying to be able to confront him. Just a little roadie justice that we don't often get.
re: A little roadie justiceTomS
Jul 24, 2001 6:04 AM
This spring I was going down a pretty steep hill, near my house at the beginning of my ride, and because there was a ton of sand and gravel still near the side of the road I took the lane. There's a shoulder about a lane wide that's usually clean in the summer, that most people ride on. Anyway I was going 30+ mph, on a 4 lane road with no one around, and this guy comes up behind me and honks for several seconds before getting into the other lane and passing, then honks some more. I yelled something about "would you ride in that crap?", pointed at the shoulder, and then forgot about it.

About 2 miles later, I saw him stopped at a red light, and I was about to pull up next to him. I wasn't going to even say anything, actually I wondered if he would say anything; but I saw him look up into his rear-view mirror and then he *ran* the red-light and went tearing down the road! Sheesh! I just sat there laughing, wondering why he'd be scared of some scrawny guy on a bike...
re: A little roadie justiceCar Magnet
Jul 24, 2001 11:36 AM
People forget about that little word "payback". Guy leaned his horn on me yesterday, He pulled up even, took one look at me and hauled @ss!! Man am I ugly or what!!
re: A little roadie justicejtolleson
Jul 24, 2001 5:35 PM
OK, I have a rage problem when it comes to being honked at. Good for you!!!

Even more than that, though. No need to say you were as far to the right as possible... in most states we have the same rights and responsibilities as cars, and here in Colorado riding far to the right is simple not safe. Sand, gravel, bad pavement, and the perception that you are giving vehicles an open invitation to pass you without waiting for opposing traffic to clear.

CLAIM YOUR LANE!!! I don't mean obstruct traffic, but our team's only really serious injury came to a rider hugging the slick white line on a damp decent. When I lead club rides, the main speech I give is about our right to ride where the pavement is clean, dry, smooth and has room for error.

Rock on!