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cheap decent shoes(3 posts)

cheap decent shoesshoes
Jul 24, 2001 12:52 AM
What are some cheap decent shoes? Also what pedals are they compatible with?

Detto Pietro art. 74'sdavidl
Jul 24, 2001 4:43 AM
I've just gotten some killer shoes off an eBay auction. Detto Pietro art.74 Italian Leather - retro - look compatible - or old toe clip cleats if you prefer. The shoes are terrific - I just finished a ride this a.m. wearing them. The point is check out eBay.
re: cheap decent shoesRandyMH
Jul 24, 2001 6:28 AM
I'm not sure what you consider cheap, but 2 weeks ago I found a pair of Specialized Team Comps for $50.00. Last week I got a pair of Northwave Team Fibra for $30.00. But I will go by any bike store that I am close to just to see if anything is on sell. If you have the time to run by your local bike shops (if there is a few in your area) and catch stuff when it's n sale you may not have to settle for a cheap pair of shoes.
Nothing against the previous poster but I remember when I was buying my bike the guy at the BS said "you think picking a bike was confusing, picking shoes can be worse"! I really haven't had that hard of a time, but I there was definitely a difference in the fit between the Specialized and the Northwave. Different brand and models fit different. What if you try to save a few bucks and buy a pair of shoes online and they are uncomfortable? If you get them from someone on E-Bay they may not take them back.

I'm new to the sport and guess you may be too. I have decided to buy my first round of gear at the LBS just so I can try on numerous brands before I buy and have somewhere to return it too if it doesn't work. If you do decided to buy online, go to the store and find a shoe that you like and then come home and search the web.

Just my $0.02