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in between sizes(2 posts)

in between sizesEd5
Jul 23, 2001 7:02 PM
I am buying a road bike for the first time and seem to be in between sizes as far as what bike size would fit me. The bike I want comes in a 54cm and 56cm but I think a 55cm would be the best. Is it usually better to size up or down? Should I go with the 54cm with a longer stem? Just looking for some opinions from some people with more knowledge than myself.
Jul 24, 2001 11:02 AM
I've ridden bikes that are too small, and others that are too large.
I found it easier riding a bigger bike. It depends on your riding style. I like to ride stretched out with a set back knee over pedal setting, and I can do this with a bike that is a tad too large for me.
The most important measurement is the top tube length, you can adjust for the seat tube, but with the top tube if you change to a longer or shorter stem you can mess up the balance of your bike. I'd say buy neither, and buy the bike that fits you. It will make a big difference. Get fitted corrected...