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Abnormal chainring wear? razor sharp rings!!(5 posts)

Abnormal chainring wear? razor sharp rings!!DrD
Jul 23, 2001 4:26 PM
I am currently using Ultegra 9spd front rings - they have maybe 5k miles on them - and the teeth are razor sharp - looking from the side, the profile of the chainrings is normal-ish, but feeling the tips, they are all "bladed" - is this the normal wear pattern for the 9spd stuff?

(I broke a DA chain this weekend, and found out how sharp the chainring was the hard way... it's always fun repairing things when you are bleeding like a stuck pig...)

Sorry for the crosspost - the components forum seems to get little attention nowadays!
re: Abnormal chainring wear? razor sharp rings!!Lone Gunman
Jul 23, 2001 5:27 PM
I also have questions about the Ultegra front chainrings and when they need replaced. Got 4K on mine and know that the cassette and chain are coming to the end of their service life and am looking for the tell tale signs that it is time to replace the rings. Actually have asked at least twice in the past week and gotten no response. I am thinking start with new moving contact parts, I'm a spinner and spend 90% of my time in the middle chainring.
re: Abnormal chainring wear? razor sharp rings!!GregJ
Jul 23, 2001 9:14 PM
I usually go through a chain in 4k, cassettes around 6 and chainrings maybe every other chain or even a bit longer. These are general guidelines only for me. I have not found it necessary to replace cassettes automatically when a chain reaches its strech limit. If you spend all your time on the middle ring you may want to replace only that ring.

I do long for the days of 6.95 chains and 15 buck Suntour freewheels(which lasted a really long time), I am learning about the true weight savings of 10 speed Campy right now, my wallet is much lighter.
re: Abnormal chainring wear? razor sharp rings!!LC
Jul 23, 2001 6:00 PM
It is really hard to describe what a worn chainring looks like, but kind of like shark teeth if that helps. It will have a sharp edge and comes to a point. Best thing to do is look at someones/ or your LBS new chainrings and see what new ones look like compaired to yours. If you see a big difference then you should change them. It should be fairly easy to find someone with Ultegra chainrings, and anyway, its a great conversation starter with another biker!
shark FIN, not toothJack S
Jul 24, 2001 7:22 AM