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Road Wheels Take 2(4 posts)

Road Wheels Take 2Zerotrek
Jul 23, 2001 4:05 PM
I posted this after registering, but seems everything was deleted a few minutes later.

On to my question. I have been biking for many years, but never took much interest in the hardware end of things. I can finally afford to upgrade some components and need help in the wheel catagory. I am 6'3" and 250lbs. Should I be looking for 28, 32 or 36 spoke wheels? I understand a well built wheel beats a poorly made wheel every time, but because of my weight should I be looking for a 32 or even 36 spoke wheel?
36 all the wayLC
Jul 23, 2001 8:20 PM
36 rear.....Rusty McNasty
Jul 24, 2001 4:27 AM
and you could get away with 32 front.
Until last year, I would've said 36, too, but...cory
Jul 24, 2001 8:02 AM
I'm about your size (actually a little lighter now, but I've been there...). Last summer I finally gave up on my stock wheels and had an ex-USCT mechanic who runs a local shop build some new ones. I wanted 36 w/14ga. spokes, but he convinced me to try 32s--Velo Deep V rims (I think--don't have the bike handy right now and I can't remember the model) with 14-15-14 Wheelsmith spokes.
The short version: Not a problem, not a wobble in probably 2000 miles, much of it over very rough roads. He said that's his standard setup for tandems, too, and he almost never has trouble.
The downside is that the rims weigh something like 520 grams, so the wheels are at least as heavy as if we'd gone with a lighter rim and 36 holes. But if you find a good, careful builder, you can live with 32s.