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Dean frames...any feedback(3 posts)

Dean frames...any feedbackPsychler
Jul 23, 2001 3:13 PM
The website looks great...Dean El Diente....any feedback? not in the reviews.
re: Dean frames...any feedbackSamDC
Jul 24, 2001 3:14 PM
I posted the same question a couple of days ago because I was curious about an El Diente. There was a another thread, however, it seems that the thread is gone. Anyway, I heard more positive attributes than negative ones (with the negatives being minor).
I think the consensus is that you get a great price to quality ratio when compared to a comparable Litespeed or Merlin. Some of the downsides include slight flexiness in the B.B. and chain stays (for the former, it's an intrinsic property of ti and the latter, go with a 7/8" chain stay). Also, the rear wheel is difficult to remove because of the breezer-style drops.
In addition, they'll build you a custom bike at no additional cost! Granted, a DEAN is not going to be custom like a Seven, but I'd rather have a DEAN than a Merlin or Litespeed anyway. I guess I've always supported the little guys. Good luck with your decision and happy riding!
'99 Castanza2 Phil's and a Dean
Jul 24, 2001 10:52 PM
Great riding bike, pretty stiff in the rear. They do not do the monostay like mine anymore, maybe cause it is a bit too stiff for some. Welds are a good as any and makes a Litespeed look like it came from China. Great quality, good people and wonderful price.
I love it....
Good Luck