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Torn miniscus?(4 posts)

Torn miniscus?ScottH
Jul 23, 2001 12:02 PM
No, thanks--Had one.cory
Jul 23, 2001 3:43 PM
What you want to know isn't entirely clear from your post, but there are degrees of trouble here, depending on severity. I've had two cases of long-term knee pain diagnosed as "probably" torn meniscuses. MRI would have diagnosed positively (x-ray can't, I think), but while we were waiting around for the HMO to run out of excuses, it just sort of got better. I don't remember everything I know , but there's a lot available online. Surgery is common; it's usually not a big deal. A website called the Virtual Sports Injury Clinic (I think it's, but I'm not sure) is one place to start. But if you have knee pain, especially if the joint locks, you need to see a doctor.
re: Torn miniscus?heylenny
Jul 23, 2001 5:18 PM
If the knee joint catches, you want to get that checked right away because if that cartilage is torn, you can tear it ALOT more if you don't get it repaired. Another indicator is if it feels you have a floor burn inside your knee. Alot of people think you get hurt by getting hit when your planting your leg on the football down-and-out but more people are injured by just squatting for a period of time.The position a biker would take squatting down while checking air pressure in their bike tires puts enough bend and stress on the knee to tear the miniscis. You probably could live with the discomfort, but the risk of further injury is pretty good if you don't get the torn stuff clipped back. Same day surgery, a couple of days with crutches another week of rehab and you could be back up and going. Good Luck from a 3 time knee surgery bikin' old guy.
re: Torn miniscus?Frank
Jul 23, 2001 6:47 PM
I had knee pain from the beginning of the 1999 season, but attributed it to not getting to ride a trainer during the winter because of a move. The knee pain never kept me from riding, but after riding a couple of days in a row it would hurt more and I would have to ice and elevate it.

I rode all spring, summer, and early fall like that by just going to regular doctor using Celebrex and ice and elevation until the season was near an end. I then went and had an MRI before going to an orthopedic surgeon in 9/99. The MRI showed severely torn medial meniscus, but the good news was the surgery was easy (arthroscopic) and 10 days after the surgery I went for a 20 mile ride. It took a few months for the little occasional reminder of swelling and an occasional twinge to go away but that was 15 months ago and
all is well.

Suggestions? Get medical opinions outside of this forum ;-)...start rehab exercises early before surgery if it is required...find an orthopedic surgeon familiar with athletic and especially cycling injury and rehab. The surgeon also said cycling is the best therapy
and my damage wasn't caused by the bike. He said it was just over time (I am 44) and that some things to do to help prevent damage are don't have a too low saddle, cover the knees when cold out, don't push big gears or climb big hills early, and do exercises to strengthen the kneecap area.

Good luck,