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concor light Ti vs. ERA?(4 posts)

concor light Ti vs. ERA?tcr01
Jul 23, 2001 8:00 AM
Can anyone comment on the ride qualities between these two saddles? I am aware of the technical differences, but would like to know what people think who have actually ridden both of these San Marco saddles.
re: concor light Ti vs. ERA?DINOSAUR
Jul 23, 2001 8:37 AM
This won't answer your question. I started using the Era about two weeks ago. *For me this saddle rocks. I think half of the saddle issue, along with the shape, is finding one that dials in with the geometry of your bike once you have your KNOP dialed in. This is the first saddle (out of three) that did this for me. Also the ti rails damper out the ride on my Klein. Saddles are like shoes, find one that fits and stick with it. Unfortunately it's hit and miss until you find one that works for you, you can't go on what other folks say. San Marco does make a variety of saddles, all of excellent quality. The San Marco was the final dialing process on my three year old Klein. As for the rattling Ultegra sti dust caps, I just removed the blasted things!
*Note the FOR ME
Have both, prefer ConcorDMoore
Jul 23, 2001 7:39 PM
Actually, I have Concor Light Ti on 2 bikes; Concor Light carbon on 1 bike; original Concor on 1; and ERA on another. (SM Rolls Due and Giro Fizik complete the list.)

To me the primary difference between Concor Light and ERA is the kicked up tail of the Concor. This does a little bit better job of positioning me on the saddle than does the flat ERA, and I feel like I can get a little bit of a push against the back of the Concor. BTW, have you ever seen the "Concor Sprint?" There's a tail spoiler that must be 2" or 3" high in back. I don't think they made very many of them.

Both the Concor Light and ERA are comfortable -- I've done many centuries on both. The frame of the ERA seems to flex a little more than the CL, but the CL has a little more padding so the perceived comfort seems about the same.

The Concor Light is lighter -- advertised weights for that saddle have ranged from about 180 gr. to 220 gr., while the ERA seems to be around 240 gr. If that matters to you. OH - and Lance rides the Concor light.
thank youtcr01
Jul 24, 2001 5:08 AM
exactly the feedback I was looking for