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Litespeed questions.(7 posts)

Litespeed questions.rcsquared
Jul 23, 2001 7:05 AM
I am thinking of purchasing a Litespeed. I am currently looking at two models. The Tuscany and the Classic. I have noticed a number of small differences between the two but primarily the geometry of the two bikes is the same. (Tuscany has a slightly longer chain stay and wheelbase than the Classic). It also appears that the Tuscany tubes are a little more worked/shaped that those used on the Classic, which doesn't make sense cost wise, as the Classic is about $300 more expensive using "straight" tubes. Can anyone explain this? My primary question though is assuming the same build kit how differently are these to bikes going to ride and how will the ride be different? Thanks in advance.
re: Litespeed questions.dave2
Jul 23, 2001 7:18 AM
you really ought to consider Macalu, Airborne, and Douglas
I would suggest...PsyDoc
Jul 23, 2001 8:28 AM
calling Litespeed and asking them. Also, do a "search" and try to find out info on the Tuscany and Classic that was discussed earlier. For example, "Crash" indicated, in a comparison to Airborne, "...the Tuscany was much tighter, stiffer and more responsive." Others have made positive statements about the Classic.
I think you have it backwards,Slothlike
Jul 23, 2001 9:30 AM
the Classic has longer wheelbase and chainstays. I have owned a Classic for 4 years now and I can vouch for the ride comfort and performance. Yes, the Tuscany had more tube shaping but the Classic tubing is tapered and butted throughout as well. I think the difference in price has to do more with the Litespeed product line from the inception of the frames. The Tuscany grew out of the Catalyst. The Classic has a braze on front derailleur if it matters and you can get the high polished version for more $$$ which is what I have. The Tuscany has evolved over the years while the Classic is well, "Classic" in that there is no experimentation with tube shapes. All other high end ti including Serotta, Seven, Moots, Merlin all have bikes that look more like the Classic and they are all great bikes. I would love a Vortex which will be my next bike but I will never get rid of my Classic. The Classic is incredibly comfortable, beyond what I can describe and it performs well in all areas (sprinting, descending, climbing etc). From what I heard, there isn't much difference in ride quality between the two but I have heard the Classic is more stable and handles a little better than the Tuscany. One person I chatted with had both and said the Classic was a little more stiffer in the BB. The geometry of the Classic has withstood the test of time so that is why I went with it. The curved seat stays are controversial and from what I have read, really don't affect ride quality. I think it is the butting and tapering of the tubes and the size of the chainstays that make the most differnce in ride characteristics. The Tuscany is a great bike though. To quantify what is "better" is not as important as what is important for you in a frame. From a performance standpoint, the Classic will ot let you down. Over and over again, I have met Classic owners whou are delighted with their ride. I myself can say that the novelty of having a the bike has worn off and I should be bored by it by now, but I am not. I know bicyling magazine had it as the reader's favorite ti bike. According to my new Litespeed catalog, the Classic is a tad lighter than the Tuscany now which wasn't true in past years. The 57cm Classic is 3.33 lb and the 57cm Tuscany is 3.51 lb. Not much but worth noting. My 57cm Classic is about 17.5 lbs with Dura Ace. Not bad at all. Anyway, good luck with whatever you choose, both are great bikes and it boils down to if you want a traditional looking bike that is a great all around performer or a bike that has more shaped tubes and "technology" built in that performs essentially the same.
re: Litespeed questions.TJeanloz
Jul 23, 2001 9:20 AM
This comes up a lot, so much so that one of these days I'm going to save my response and just cut-and-paste.

Short answer: Buy the Tuscany.

Long answer: The Classic is marketed to a particular niche in Litespeed's market that values the classic look of a bike more than the best ride. Litespeed has determined that these people are willing to pay a little bit more for the 'look', so they charge what the market will bear. Head to head, the Tuscany is a better bike- but it comfortably fills the void for a value race bike, and as such, costs a little less. The Tuscany is the stiffer of the two rides, the classic is, well, classic titanium. It (Classic) is a very comfortable century type bike. The Tuscany is a very racable, yet still pretty comfortable bike. Having ridden both extensively, the Tuscany is far and away the superior of the two, at least for my style of riding. The reasoning is all in marketing. The classic is designed to compete with higher priced bikes like Moots, stock Sevens et. al. The Tuscany has little competition in the marketplace.
re: Litespeed questions.gwilliams
Jul 23, 2001 9:27 AM
Colorado Cyclist is currently having a sell on Litespeeds.

Litespeed Vortex with Shimano Dura-Ace, Velomax Orion wheelset.
$3999.00. Reg. $5499.00.

Get a Litespeed Ultimate, one of the world's sought after bikes, at
an unbelievable price!

Litespeed Ultimate with Shimano Dura-Ace $2999.00. Reg. $4899.00. productdisplay2_v2.cfm?PRRFNBR=23465&S=23465

Litespeed Ultimate with Shimano Ultegra $2599.00. Reg. $4099.00.
That's a steal on an Ultimatepmf
Jul 23, 2001 9:41 AM
I've got one and its a very nice bike, especially if you're a bigger rider. Got a 1999 frame and fork (Look HSC2) for $1600 two years ago from I ended up specing in with DA, etc for around $3000. I've been happy with it.

The best advice you'll get here is from TJ. He knows LS bikes well. I too have always considered the Tuscany to be superior to the Classic. I can't see why anyone would pay more for the Classic. Its not as good as the Tuscany (my wife has one).