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Anyone ridden the Merckx Team SC?(3 posts)

Anyone ridden the Merckx Team SC?e-rock
Jul 23, 2001 5:31 AM
Has anyone ridden/tested this bike? How is it? Being on the high-end, in terms of costs, this bike is one I won't be able to test ride. Shops don't build and allow you to test ride it. Go figure.
In any case, is the bike stiff and responsive, good for climbing and sprinting? Could a century be done on this and still feel ok after? It's pretty much between a Colnago Master X Light and this one. Are the carbon chain-stays any good?

Any type of suggestion would greatly be appreciated. Any and all advice is welcomed also. Please help. Thanks.
re: Anyone ridden the Merckx Team SC?PaulCL
Jul 23, 2001 6:41 AM
I don't own one nor have ever ridden one. I do admire the look.

Check out the most recent "Bicyling" Magazine (I, know, heresy,yada, yada, yada...). Bicycling reviews the bikes ridden in the TDF peloton : Trek, Pinnarello Prince, Specialized, Merckx, etc...
From reading the article, the Merckx comes out on top with an absolutely glowing report. Comfortable, light, great sprinter...only hesitation was as a crit bike. Check it out. Paul
re: Anyone ridden the Merckx Team SC?jaybird
Jul 23, 2001 8:59 AM
These are two pretty different bikes that you are considering... The team SC is not recomended for riders over 200lbs. If you are over 200 they recomend the Elite. Give the guys at a call (they are the US distributor) and they can tell you all about it. You might also ask them about some closeouts from last year. The last time I talked to them they had a few of the ti bikes leftover from last year at pretty good prices. you might check out the MX Leader if you are considering steel. I love mine...