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MaxChill Water Bottle: It Works!!!(1 post)

MaxChill Water Bottle: It Works!!!boy nigel
Jul 22, 2001 7:29 PM
Hey All,

I posted a query the other day, wondering if anyone out there has tried the MaxChill Water Bottle--as sold by, among others. No one had tried it, so I did. I figured I'd do people a bit of a service by reviewing it quickly.

The manufacturer claims that the bottle cools drinks by evaporative cooling. When you step out of a pool on a hot day and a warm breeze hits you, you feel cool or cold and dash for a towel. Evaporation is working to carry away your body's heat and keep you cool (though you'd more likely prefer to be warm). I ordered a couple from Performance and tried one of them today on a hot (temps in the high 80s), semi-humid 60-miler in the "hills" that we have near New York City.

In one bottle cage, I had my regular Specialized bottle filled with water, and in the other cage I had my new MaxChill bottle filled with water. The water was chilled and from my refrigerator when I filled the bottles. After almost 2-1/2 hours of riding (and breaking for a short lunch), the water in my usual bottle was hot, nasty, and plasticky. The MaxChill water wasn't ICE cold (they don't claim it to keep liquids ice cold), but quite nicely cool and close to the original temperature, easy to gulp down pleasantly, and with no plastic taste. I filled it again before hitting the road again and soaked the soft outer shell with water (the shell holds water which evaporates and cools the bottle's contents), and the water in the MaxChill was great when I got home about an hour and a half later. Test over.

I was impressed that a bottle could really keep liquids pleasantly cool over such a duration and on such a hot day. $10.99 well spent.

To read more, check out I have no relationship with the MaxChill people (I didn't even order the bottles from them), but I figured I'd offer everyone a reasonably priced way to keep "topped up with [cold] fluids" on hot rides.

Great riding to all, and STAY HYDRATED!!