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Weight lifting(2 posts)

Weight liftingGTrider215
Jul 22, 2001 1:45 PM
Hey i was wondering if weightlifting excercises for my legs will help out my riding or not and if so what excercises should i do. I have a ton of weightlifting equipment but i never used it much. Oh and is that thing where u put your back up against the wall and lower yourslef and it puts alot of pressure on the legs if thats good to do or not? Ok thx alot!

re: Weight liftingeguerin
Jul 23, 2001 1:03 PM
Weightlifting is great for cycling particularly in the off season. During the cycling season I only lift weights about once a week. I usually do a routine of progressively increasing weight with decreasing repetitions. I usually do squats, reverse lunges with dumb bells, and step ups with dumb bells for my legs. I also do seated pull overs, incline dumb bell press, bicep curl-shoulder press and one arm bent over rows with dumb bells for my upper body. I prefer to use free weights such as dumb-bells because I find that it helps improve my balance on the bike. Also if one side is stronger than the other, it forces you to do the work correctly rather than have the stronger arm/leg overcompensate. If you haven't lifted weights in a while start slow without a lot of weight to make sure that you get your form correct. You might want to meet with a personal trainer too so that they can design a custom weight workout for cycling. Doing those "wall-sits" will work the same muscles as doing squats, but I prefer doing slow controlled squats over "wall-sits". I hope that this helps you and good luck.