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Anyone ridden Oahu?(4 posts)

Anyone ridden Oahu?DrPete
Jul 22, 2001 9:07 AM
I'm going to be in Honolulu for 6 weeks this fall (you know, if the Army sends me, what can I do? :)) and I'm planning on bringing my road bike. How are the roads on Oahu, and are there any good rides I should try? Looking on the map it looks like there's a good-sized road around the island, but I've never been there and don't know what the roads are like (shoulders, pavement, traffic, etc.) I'd appreciate info from anyone who's ridden Oahu. Thanks!
I wanted to, but the wife was chicken ...Humma Hah
Jul 22, 2001 9:46 AM
The whole Honolulu-Waikiki area is too built up, and the traffic too heavy, to be enjoyable. For the same reason, a bike may be better than a car there. Not fun, but maybe more practical.

Everywhere I went, I kept wishing I was on a bike rather than in a car, with one exception, crossing the middle of the island, where there is the absolutely most amazing ridge of mountains I've ever seen. If I saw a painting of them, I'd think the artist was making it up. The coastal road looked nice, but does have a lot of traffic on mostly 2 lanes. Some of the inland roads may be better in this regard.
re: Anyone ridden Oahu?mike mcmahon
Jul 22, 2001 9:54 AM
Like HH, I didn't have my bike with me on Oahu. However, we did drive the road that goes around the island and it didn't look like a great place to ride. The road is narrow, with lots of blind curves and fairly heavy traffic. We visited some relatives in Kaneohe, and it seemed like a decent place to do some local rides. Sorry I can't provide more info. I'll bet you can track down some military cyclists who will have some good tips for you on riding in the islands.
re: Anyone ridden Oahu?DaveG
Jul 22, 2001 12:30 PM
A few years ago I had to go to Honolulu on business for 5 weeks. I took my bike with me and stayed in Waikiki. I was expecting lightly travelled tropical paradise, but I was sorely dissapointed. I too tried riding around the main highway on the circumference of Oahu. While it is beautiful, its loaded with narrow shoulders and giant tour buses with mirrors that stick way out. Flying downhill at 35mph with a guardrail and cliff on one side and a tour bus on the other is shear terror. Overall, I was dissapointed in the roads, which says a lot because I'm from New Jersey. The problem is that there just are not that many roads to ride on and they are heavily travelled. If you are in Honolulu you might try the climb up Mt. Tantulus (sp?) Its listed as a Cat 3 climb but I thought it was huge. Be careful on the descent as it goes thru residential neighborhoods. The week before I got there a resident was killed by a cyclist coming downhill.