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Close Call (wheel overlap)(6 posts)

Close Call (wheel overlap)badabill
Jul 21, 2001 3:41 PM
A few weeks ago we had a thread on overlapping wheels. I was one to say that overlap is okay in some instances. Today it allmost came back to bite me. 80mi into a hard 100mi training ride me and my partner were coming down pacific coast hwy. Lots of trafic and other bikers. We came upto a slower group and started picking off riders a few at a time. As is the case a couple of pinheads decide to try and grab our wheels just as we start to ease back over, I take a quick glance over and that was enough. Something happened ahead , my partner swerved and bang. his QR hit my wheel and I was headed down. By some luck I came unclipt and stifflegged myself uprite at 20mph. I still dont know how I did it. Broke 2 spokes on my wheel, left a scratch on his chainstay but no injury. learned my lesson, no more overlap :-)
re: Close Call (wheel overlap)KStone
Jul 22, 2001 5:15 PM
Most people I see get into trouble(running into the person in front of them)are usually looking back...why do people look back in a pace line?, there's not much anyone can do about what's happening behind them! Protect your front wheel at all times and you can avoid problems caused by overlap.
yup, that's a no noDog
Jul 23, 2001 5:40 AM
I don't even overlap the best riders who I implicitly trust. Who knows but what they have to make an unexpected move, and might take me out, but have no choice about it.

If the wind shelter is off to the side from a crosswind, and there is room, I'll either hang back and to the side, of move well up next to the lead guy, to that he both sees me and if he moved sideways he'd not strike my wheel.

Look what happened to USPS in the team time trial. Even the best riders in the world have this happen to them. Just say "no" to wheel overlap.

OverlapLen J
Jul 23, 2001 7:44 AM
One thing I have found that helps hen riding woth people I trust. If in order to draft I need to be off to the side (because of wind direction), I always let the rider in front of me know where I am. It is amazing how much this helps them in thinking about where thier "out" is.
Jul 23, 2001 1:40 PM
Even people 'you trust' are not responsible for what you do behind them! Sorry Len, can't agree this time. If you told me you were there I would tell you to watch out as I'm not going to consider you everytime I move because you want to overlap!

I've been hit from behind many times by inattentive riders who want to share my space. I have never crashed..but can't say the same for them!

Do I ever overlap?, Sure but I know and acccept the risk, as it is all mine!
re: Close Call (wheel overlap)jtolleson
Jul 24, 2001 6:16 PM
Unclipping and stifflegging at 20 mph. Ahhhh memories. I did that in '98. Three years, four surgeries, and 6 months on crutches later, I have a fully fused ankle and midfoot. *sigh*

I don't walk very well (yes, this little incident left me disabled) but I do ride about 3,000 miles a year, including a few centuries. But I never unclip and put a foot down at cruising speeds any more.

Glad it worked out for you.