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Riding in Saint Louis, MO(3 posts)

Riding in Saint Louis, MOjhsu
Jul 21, 2001 11:26 AM
I will be (re-)starting road cycling in a few weeks, after about ten years layoff (had a head-on, front-end destroying, me-flying-clear-over-the-car accident in 1991).

Anyone from eastern Missouri, Saint Louis area who could suggest some good roads or parks to start on? I would be interested in a moderately long stretch of mostly uphill road.

Also, any roads known for rude drivers that I should avoid at all costs around here?


Visit a Touring CyclistDoug Smith
Jul 21, 2001 1:26 PM
Visit one of the TC locations and pick up the book (very thin) called "Ride the World" or something similiar to has several quality road rides depicted in it. Pick out one or two that interests you and go for it.

Not sure where exactly you are located, but on Monday nights at 6:00 there is a group ride in St. Charles County, near 370 and Elm Street near the river. The above book gives good directions if this at all interests you.

Also, on, there is a group ride calender. Looks as though there are several rides on there, with most leaving from a point closer to the city.

For what it is worth, I live in Lincoln County, and there are some great road rides out here, on country roads with little to no traffic. Shoot me an email and I could give you some route descriptions.

Good luck.
Good riding...coonass
Jul 21, 2001 3:48 PM
info @:
Depending on what you're looking for; there's a lot of good rides on Bicycling Fun site; the MS150 is Sept. 8/9; Columbia, IL has all flat roads for about 150m (ride to Valmeyer via the Levee Rd; don't ride the Bluff Rd [Columbia residents are the worst drivers you can encounter; they hate bikers and 55mph 'buzzing' is common place]).Email me if you need some further info....there's lots of hills in West County...
ps....welcome back to the world of cycling :)
(if you have trouble getting into the site, email me)