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wheel problem!!!(2 posts)

wheel problem!!!in need of help
Jul 21, 2001 9:34 AM
I'm working over a bike (more like a beater) to get it together for college.

I cleaned all the gunk off of the wheels using steel damage by the steel wool...except the pink soap stuff that was in the wool must have left some kind of residue...the brakes were howling like a bat out of hell....then I tried some degreaser on the rims followed by water to get that off and ofcourse drying...its still making noises...

and I do have the brakes toed in,about as much as they could possibly be....

any thoughts or advice or help?
re: wheel problem!!!nigel7780
Jul 21, 2001 9:11 PM
Hey guy......well,
1) you could try filing the pads a little bit with a rough mill file, that sometimes helps quite a bit in the quieting
2) try soaking the pads in some citrasolve (degreaser finishline citrus works pretty good) soak em for a day till they get all soft...but try filing first.
3) Buy some softer pads
4) are the rims steel or alloy??? that also makes a difference, alloy is better as far as weight, rim surface braking power and all around strength....if you have alloy try filing the pads, if you have steel, you can pick up a basic set of alloy wheels for around $80 a set and less if they are bolt on or if the rear is a freewheel.

Hope this helps