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New Road Bike Purchaser - HELP!(9 posts)

New Road Bike Purchaser - HELP!Matt Cleaves
Jul 20, 2001 6:54 PM
Hey all! My wife has been road biking for a few years and really enjoys it. I have wanted to get a bike for a while so about a month ago I set out to get educated. Unfortunately the more I learn, the more questions I have. Bottom line - it's time to by a bike and I would love some opinions other than from sales people trying to sell me a bike. I think I have it down to two choices, a Cannondale R600 for about $1299 or a Trek (forgot the model number, sorry) for $1099. The Trek is all 105 parts and the R600 is mostly 105 parts. The $1300 is about as much as I really want to spend given the possibility (albeit slight) that I may not like this as much as I think I will. Any thoughts? Any other ideas that I should be looking at? Any good site on the web that compare beginner (but mot crappy) bikes? Thanks in advance for your help.

CorrectionMatt Cleaves
Jul 20, 2001 7:06 PM
Sorry - I just realized that the other bike I was looking at was the Specialized Allez A1 Sport, not the Trek. I had the price right, $1099

re: New Road Bike Purchaser - HELP!Mike K
Jul 20, 2001 8:28 PM
Ride them both and buy which ever one fits best.. They are pretty simular bikes, with the C-Dale you probably get a little more frame for the buck (should be a CAAD4 - same frame Saeco rode in tour 2 years ago and pretty much the same thing as the top of the line CAAD5/6 except for the built-in headset (CAAD5) and built-in BB and stupid Coda crank (CAAD6))
re: depends on the year...Akirasho
Jul 21, 2001 12:38 AM
... an R600 could be a CAAD3 or CAAD4 depending on the model year... at a $1300 price point, I'd suspect the CAAD3... which is still a great frame.

A few year's back, the CAAD3 was Cannondale's flagship frame, and even by today's standards, as long as you're happy with it's ride characteristics, is worthy of ANY upgrades. The only caveat... the CAAD3's were designed with 1" headtubes... upgrading a 1" steerer fork in the future will be a bit more difficult (though not impossible).

Be the bike.
re: depends on the year...Mike K
Jul 21, 2001 6:57 AM
01 & 02 R600's will be CAAD4, pre 2001 will be CAAD3 which I would be a bit more learry of - the CAAD4/5/6 series is significantly lighter and more comfortable to ride. CAAD3 will have straight seat stays and the newer CAAD4/5/6 will have hourglass seat stays - either way the frames will be labeled with a model number.
Also, early CAAD4's had 1" steers also which is not a big deal - I believe all current production CAAD4/5/6 are 1 1/8". Many manufacturers are still making or just transitioning from 1" to 1 1/8" so there will be plenty of 1" stuff around for some time to come.
Fuji Team?PsyDoc
Jul 21, 2001 6:50 AM
Colorado Cyclist has the "regular" Fuji Team with Ultegra for $1399, which is a great buy. However, the only sizes they have left for the 2001 model year is the 52cm and the 58cm. You could compare the geometries of the Cannondale and the Trek with the Fuji and if the Fuji has equivalent geometry (and would fit you), then I think the Fuji Team would be a better buy. Keep in mind that Fuji measures from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat collar. You can check out the fuji at:
re: New Road Bike Purchaser - HELP!Crash
Jul 21, 2001 10:08 AM
Matt, As a couple people have mentioned the 2001 R600 comes with the CAAD4 frame, a nice upgrade from the CAAD3 especially in ride quality. Unless you are under 140 or so, you should find the Canny to ride very nice for an AL bike. I ended up buying an R2000si, but to be honest I rode the R600 and except for the wheelset I didn't find THAT much difference. I went for the R2000si because of the Ksyriums, and I got a great deal on the bike.
Speaking of deals, Cannondale is already coming out with their 2002 bikes. My LBS already has a couple on display. Seeing this, you should be able to get the R600 for alot less than 1299. I've seen the R1000 for 1350, I would imagine that you could probably do the R600 for around 1099. Best of luck, and if you decide to go with the Canny (or any bike for that matter) make sure your LBS fits it properly for you !
LBS? (nt)Matt Cleaves
Jul 21, 2001 11:08 AM
LBS? (nt)cracker1972
Jul 21, 2001 11:54 AM
local bike shop