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Outside footpain with crank Q factor?(3 posts)

Outside footpain with crank Q factor?mr tornado head
Jul 20, 2001 5:33 PM
Like it says, after switching to some LOOK style (actually, both Look & older Shimano look-compatible) pedals & new shoes, been having constant pain on the outsides of my feet, especially on the left side. I end up having to loosen up the staps on my shoes quite a bit.

After 300 or so miles, I figure the shoes ought to be broke in by now (Nike Gabuche Duo, which yes runs a size too large, but I bought 'em 1 1/2 sizes larger...). Doesn't matter if I use the Look or Shimano pedals. Should I go to a crank with a wider Q? (got it, just needs a different bottom bracket). Are the shoes just drilled screwey?

Thanks for your help?
same problem, wish i knew the answer!quinroo
Jul 20, 2001 9:22 PM
my boyfriend has the same problem as you, but he wears sidi genius 2 i believe, and has had the problem for a very long time. he rides shimano ultegra look-compatible pedals. the shoes seem to fit just fine, but he gets that awful pain on the outside edge of his feet. we're going to try some sort of insert, but i was wondering if that would really help the outside of the foot? i always thought inserts helped more for arch and heel problems. anyone have any ideas?
A couple of things....DINOSAUR
Jul 21, 2001 6:55 AM
Check a couple of things for starters:

Your KNOP (knee over pedal position), make sure it is neutral and not set forward. A forward KNOP can cause foot pain to the front of the foot.

Check you cleat position. I started to develope pain to the front of my foot (front, outside) and I determined that it was caused when I changed my cleat position and had moved them back approx 1MM.

Incidentally, I use Look PP247's with NW shoes.

Also, don't fasten your shoe straps too tight.

Lastly, I found that a seat that is set too low can cause too much weight on your feet.

Good luck, I'd start with checking your KNOP first. I wouldn't try all this stuff at once, try one at a time until you find the problem.
A difference in just 1mm in a setting can make a big difference.