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Shoe/cleat/pedal observation(2 posts)

Shoe/cleat/pedal observationMikeC
Jul 20, 2001 10:07 AM
I just switched from Alpinestars Intense road shoes (an underrated and very nice shoe) to Sidi Energys. I switched the cleats from the old shoes to the Sidis, then found that my pedal release with the Sidis was so easy that I almost felt I had to crank up the release tension on my Campy ProFits (I didn't, because I haven't released accidentally yet)! I've never experienced this before. My only guesses are that the slight cleat elevation caused by the Sidi cleat adapter might provide more clearance for release, or that the curve of the sole might do the same thing. My fore-aft cleat position is identical.
We've all heard of newbies having problems with clipless pedals. I'm wondering if the shoe needs to be factored into the equation? Anybody else noticed release differences from shoe-to-shoe?
I'll take a guess...biknben
Jul 20, 2001 6:54 PM
You old shoes were broken in real good. The upper was more flexible and some of the outward motion of your foot was wasted in the shoe. Now that your have new shoes that are stiff and not broken in your foot isn't squirming around in the shoe when your try to release.

Ever try to get out of your pedals when your shoes are untied? It's really hard. You have to move your foot twice as much to get the shoe to disengage. Not that I do this often, but I have and nearly fallen over.