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slime(3 posts)

slimetito landrum
Jul 20, 2001 5:41 AM
I was thinking of using this product on my commuter. I've only had a couple of flats (knock on wood) in the last five years I've been commuting, but it sure is a pain to wrestle with your bike on the way to work. Does slime work/is it worth it? What have people used, the pre-slimed tubes or have you added the stuff to your own? Thanks, in advance, for the info.
I use it on my MTB ...Humma Hah
Jul 20, 2001 6:21 AM
Slime does work, if you use the right tubes. I've used it on my MTB. Last year I picked up a half-inch-long "boot nail" (looked to be an antique nail!) in my rear tire. I don't know when, but when I finally found it, the head was nearly worn off. It had penetrated the thorn-resistant tube, and a trace of slime had come out around the nail. When I discovered this, the bike had not been ridden for at least 2 months. The tire still held full pressure of 45 psi.

I used a similar product in off-road motorcycling, where we ran 12 psi or less in the tires. The product seemed to prevent "pinch flats" by lubing the inside of the tube. Pinch flats are actually tears, and a slippery tube inside seems to prevent them. I've never pinch-flatted a Slimed tube on a motorcycle or MTB.

That success story done, I'll say Slime does not work for everyone. It is useless in sealing punctures if used with an undersized tube. If the tube must stretch to fill the tire, any puncture will instantly open a large hole that Slime cannot fill.

It also will do nothing about high-pressure burst incidents caused by defective or over-pressurized roadbike tires. It won't protect against major gashes. And I have no idea how it works at extreme pressures. Although touted as a self-balancing agent, I might suspect you would notice some imbalance more readily with ultralight wheels.

I've always used Slime from a bottle. I don't generally use as much as shown on the bottle.
didn't work for me!Rusty McNasty
Jul 20, 2001 9:54 AM
used it once in a tubular. 3 days later, got a flat. small, thin piece of glas, 1/32" wide! all the green gunk spewed out, and gooed up the inside of my tire! the customer service agent told me that slime was not intended for glass or metal punctures! iguess that thorns and thumbtacks are all it's guaranteed to work on. if you buy decent tires, nothing that small is likely to get in, anyway. it won't work on the bigger stuff.