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tight chain -> what happens(4 posts)

tight chain -> what happenschainy
Jul 19, 2001 9:32 PM
Does anything bad happen if your chains is very tight? Mine is tight so that I can't shift from the small chainring to the large chainring when I'm on the large cog. Besides that problem everything else is perfect. Will any damage occur? Please notify.
re: tight chain -> what happensRusty Coggs
Jul 20, 2001 4:45 AM
You shouldnt be doing THAT anyway. If the chain is really too tight it can rip the derailer out of the hanger or gink something severely.Otherwise it stresses the whole drivetrain. The chain should be sized long enough to permit a shif to the big/big even though you shouldn't use that combination.
your chain is too short...C-40
Jul 20, 2001 4:45 AM
Although the big ring and big cog combination shouldn't be used for any length of time, your chain length is definitely too short. You could damage the rear derailleur is it becomes over extended. You should correct this immediately. Here's how to set chain length:

Two simple tests will determine if the chain is the correct length. First, it must not hang loose in the little ring, little cog combination. If there is no tension on the chain in the little ring, little cog combination, one link at a time, until there is. When the ends of the chain are brought together, some movement of the lower pulley should occur, indicating tension is being applied. On some derailleurs, one more link may need to be removed, beyond the point of absolute minimum tension, to keep the chain from rubbing on itself, as it passes under the upper derailleur pulley.

Second, the chain must be long enough not to overextend the rear derailleur when shifted to the big ring, and biggest cog combination. If the chain passes the first test, it should always pass this test, unless you're using a largest cog which exceeds the derailleur's stated capacity.

Two links (one inch) is the minimum that can be added or subtracted from the chain's length. Two links will change the capacity by 4 cog teeth.
Pay Me Now/Pay Me Latergrzy mnky
Jul 20, 2001 8:29 AM
Just another post confirming what the two previous posters wrote. At some point you will forget exactly which combo you're in and you'll shift into big/big. When this happens the drivetrain will lock up and you will seriously tweak your rear der. Been there, done that, it sucked.

When you visit the LBS with tweaked bike you will buy a new chain and a new rear der. Or you could just buy a new chain now. Maybe you can get a kind soul at the LBS to just add a few spare links for minimal cost. Maybe buy a Park chain tool and give it a whirl yourself.

There are a few folks that actually ride with short chains for various and assorted reasons (too short a rear der. cage) and will extol the virtues. However, you're better off on the "fail safe" side of things. If your rear der. has too short a cage then you may need to buy a new one, at which point you'll say, "Gee, I didn't save any money." But you will have a perfectly good short cage rear der. as a spare or to sell.