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How am I doing??(6 posts)

How am I doing??Slothlike
Jul 19, 2001 8:41 PM
Went out today expecting to do around 40 miles but came home after doing 72miles. I felt exceptionally well. I completed the 72miles alone in 3hours and 50 minutes (I live in a congested area and incorporated hills). My average was just under 18mph and I rode solo. Infact I always ride solo so I don't know how to gauge my performance. I had a burst of confidence when about 35 miles into my ride I met up with 2 other riders for a brief time. I am always self conscious about my ability but one of the guys decided to take off and I chased him down like in a race and caught him and dropped the other guy in the process. The guy I caught seemed angry that I caught him and waved me to pass him and then he seemed to fall off. They both seemed reasonably fit to me and the guy who took off thought he was on a breakaway. Was I wrong to catch him? Could I be underestimating my abilities? I guess riding in a group would be a real test but riding alone is my preference. Can riding alone have made me stronger as riding in a group is easier when drafting?? What do you guys find to work for you?
Good Lordsteeveo
Jul 20, 2001 4:42 AM
I'm OK, you're OK.
re: How am I doing??jakerider
Jul 20, 2001 5:39 AM
did you ever find a deal on a new frame? With the pace you described
above, I would'nt change much.
In regards to your above question, as you stated, you started out alone and you had no connection with the two dudes you dropped, correct?
IMHO you were on a training ride and you had no connection with the others, DROP THEM. CRUSH THEIR SPIRITS.
If you started with the two dudes, when you are pulling you do have the responsibility to keep the group together.
My palmares is due in Monday. Im pumped
Hey JakeSlothlike
Jul 20, 2001 7:22 AM
I understand your excitement about the Palamares. One of the best frames in the world my friend. Yes, I emailed Steve Dodds a couple of times. You must have gotten lucky with the Palamers because he didn't seem to have any more. He told me he had a 55cm Vortex with the same seatpost/fork deal for $2900. He said he may be able to do the Palmares for the same price. Definitely a good deal but I am gonna see what my LBS could do to match or come close. If I worked on my own bikes, I would definitely buy online but I need the LBS mechanic so buying from them would save me $$$ here because they do most work for free or really cheap if you buy such expensive frames.
As far as my ride yesterday, I felt very good and I feelmore confident now because I never ride in groups. I also wonder how my average speed would increase if I lived near farmlands with long stretches of road and little traffic?? I have never really considered that aspect but I live right outside of New York City. Anyway, I am jealous about your new ride. What group are you putting on it??
Enjoy it
Sounds like you are doing fineThioderek
Jul 20, 2001 7:40 AM
After racing in SoCal and Mexico for a few years while working as a bike messenger for 8 years, I lost the desire to ride in a pack of riders. As a messenger I just got very used to riding alone and paying attention only to my immediate safety. Riding in a pack was ruined for me because I messengered for too long.

Now I do triathlons. Just me and the clock and the road. None of the negotiating of a pack race-perfect for me. I do rides with other people on weekends, but never a huge group. If I do ride with a group, I am always the one who spends the most time at the front because I cant stand being behind someones wheel and not being able to tell where we are going and what is in front of me. It just freaks me out.

It sounds like you are doing fine if you dropped 2 people like that. Riding alone does make you stronger in some ways and weaker in others. I cant ride in a pack anymore, meaning I cant go as fast as a large group of riders who are pacelining. I am horrible when I get into my zone and block out other riders and don't call things out for them to watch for. I have come across riders on rides and passed them to realize that they jumped on my wheel without me knowing it and then heard them curse me out when I didn't call something out.

But I enjoy the speed for the sake of speed. Me on my own. No help. Just my legs, my lungs, and the bike.
re: How am I doing??Lone Gunman
Jul 20, 2001 7:43 AM
Encountered a similar situation except I was on a large supported group ride. A group of riders went by and our small group jumped on and suddenly we had a nice 10 MAN pace line going. Suddenly the pace line thing fell apart. Guys slowing down, speeding up, getting out of the line... One rider kept asking the other,"are they gone yet?" Reply was "I don't think they are going anywhere, they are still in the small chainring". Turns out that the group was gay, and they did not want any uninvited riders tagging along. I guess etiquette was violated by my group by jumping on to their "tail", so to speak.