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Criterium race(6 posts)

Criterium raceGTrider215
Jul 19, 2001 6:22 PM
hey ya'll i kinda have a few qeustions about racing too, during the group ride today someof the guys said i did pretty well and one said i should try out a criterium race comming up in semptember. He said that i would prolly do i category 5 i guess. do u guys know if they have junoir groups cause im only 15. how hard would one of these races be. Riding with about 4 people in the group ride i can keep 20-26 miles for about 35 miles easy. how long are the criterium races.
20-26 MPH (nm)GTrider215
Jul 19, 2001 6:24 PM
If your junior races are like mine...YoungRcR
Jul 20, 2001 4:38 AM
We jump off the line immediately cranking up to about 25-30mph to drop a few guys right off the line. Then we usually settle in to about 22-26. In the junior races around here there are constant attacks. Be prepared to hurt.

The races that i won, i won because i waited longer then anyone else to throw down a hard attack or sprint. What i usually do is watch attacks from my friends that i know can ride and save myself for the bell lap where i usually attack 1 to 1/2 mile out and i can crank that last part up to about 30.

If you have anymore questions ill watch the board.
I thought you quit?D3
Jul 20, 2001 4:48 AM
Jul 20, 2001 9:49 AM
I havent quit, why would you think that. This season i have 6 podiums and 4 more top 5s. Along with 2 wins.
Pay attention for numbing....Len J
Jul 20, 2001 3:23 AM
in the nether regions. If you start to feel it stand for a little bit.

There have been contradictory studies as to the long term effect of cycling on male performance. The key seems to be varying your position enough to relieve any numbing before it does any real damage.

4 Inches seems excessive to me but you may have enough flexibility & abdomonal strength to deal with it. It sounds like the bike is too small for you, I understand your comment about long legs/short torso, but have you tried different geometries? Longer top tube with shorter stem? Many bike Manufacturers have different geometries that result in some major differences (Manuf. to Manuf.) in top tube length for the same size frame. (i.e. Lemond has long top tubes, Kliens (I think) have shorter top tubes(than Lemond), so the same size bike in a Lemond & a Klein would fit very differently). You might want to try some test rides.

Finally, Have you thought about buying a stem with some rise in it? You might not be able to make up 4 inches, but I'll bet you can get 2.

Good luck.